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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Good Things Are "POPPING" Up in Bible Class-- Door Decor

Just a quick post of a FUN door we have in our hallway.  

This door leads to our 2-4 year old classroom.  I think this door makes you wanna POP right in for some FUN Bible learning!! 

We have DUTCH doors in our classrooms.  (My KIDDOS call it the TRAP DOOR.)  So, when we decorate them we have to keep that in mind.  So, we always have a TOP portion and a Bottom portion in our DOOR DESIGNS.   This ended up being a relatively inexpensive door to do.  

Since I already had all the POP CORN Themed items....we had used them in my classroom for an Attendance Chart Theme.  We just added the POP CORN bags with "POP CORN" in them--(the popcorn in the bags is really tissue paper crumbled up.) 

These POP CORN bags were purchased at DOLLAR TREE!!! We did add a Picture of each KIDDO to each of the BAGS.  

I think it turned our FUN and INVITING!!!  




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