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Friday, June 30, 2017

Coffee Can Turned Tower of Babel

We had several coffee can donated to us....So, we decided to make a TOWER OF BABEL Building Set.   

We did this for the 2 year old to 4 year old class.  They were easy peasy to make.  We simply wrapped each can with Stone Pattern Bulletin Board Boarder Paper and Taped it on with CLEAR Packing Tape.  We used Silver Sharpie Paint Pens to color the Red part of the can. 

As I said, easy peasy!!!  The KIDDOS will LOVE Building the Tower of Babel...and who knows, if we get enough maybe they can use them as the Walls Of Jericho.  

Remember, Before Throwing ANYTHING away....ASK, "Can I possibly use this some way to teach a Bible Lesson." 

Free Visuals are WONDERFUL!



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  1. I remember a song years ago about Paul's journeys. It went o the battle hymn of the Republic. I don't remember all the words but it went something like this. "I want to take a journey to the land across the sea , with Paul and Silas and the young man Timothy. I want to preach the gospel I want to preach God's words the truth it marching on. Glory glory hallelujah Glory glory hallelujah His truth is marching on.
    Thanks for sharing your $ tree finds. I love that store also. I've found a few of the bible characters but buy all I can. Even like the Mary you can color her dress a little different and let her be Hannah praying for a child, or Lydia teaching by the river.