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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Dollar Tree Match Boxes---Mini Books of the Bible

 My KIDDOS have been learning all about THE BIBLE.  We will continue this study until October.  It has been a fun and exciting undertaking to get the KIDDOS to Memorize the Books of the Bible, The Sections of the Bible and a simple Synopsis of each book of the Bible.  

To help with this adventure, I decided to make some SMALL BIBLE BOOKS out of Match Boxes.  I purchased the Match Boxes at the Dollar Tree.  ---The Matches will be used when lighting our outdoor fireplace.  :-)    

Once the matches were removed from each box--remember we needed 66 boxes---one for each book of the Bible.  I wrapped each box with various colors of scrap paper.  I then glued the paper onto the 3 sides of the box and TA-DA they began to look like little BOOKS!!!!  

I then delivered the little books to my classroom helper.  She has the ability to write small and neat.  I have very BIG handwriting with lots of loops and curls.      She neatly wrote the name of each book of the Bible on all 66 Match Box Books.  

I decided I wanted to have the KIDDOS use these as a REVIEW GAME.   So, I made up some DIVISIONS of the BIBLE HEADER CARDS and printed and laminated them.  I attached them to milk caps---y'all know I save those caps!!!---I then made circles with the NUMBER of each books for each SECTION of the BIBLE.  EXAMPLE:  GOSPEL--4,   LAW---5,  HISTORY--12, NT HISTORY--1!  I'm sure you understand.  

First we would start by getting the categories in order.  Then the  KIDDOS would DRAW out a BOOK of the BIBLE from that GREEN BUCKET and then place it in the correct place.  Then we would work together to get the books in the correct order!!  It was so much fun!!!!!  The KIDDOS really enjoy the hands-on experience!!!  

I also decided to make a small "bookcase" for the KIDDOS to place the BOOKS of the BIBLE in order on.  This was a great way to store the "books" from week to week.    It was a cracker box and foam core.  It would not be something to keep LOOOONG term.  But, it worked for the KIDDOS while we were practicing memorizing our books of the BIBLE.

These now reside in that GREEN BUCKET---we call them REVIEW BUCKETS!!!  The KIDDOS can get them out prior to class time and REVIEW concepts that they have already learned. Sometimes, we have BUCKET REVIEW SUNDAY.  The KIDDOS move from BUCKET TO BUCKET working on PASSED LEARNED CONCEPTS!!!  They seem to enjoy doing this from time to time and it allows me to make sure they REMEMBER things they have LEARNED!!!



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