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Friday, June 21, 2013

Hezekiah a GODLY KING of JUDAH

This week our  Lesson is about King Hezekiah.  We are focusing on Hezekiah having a HEART that LOVED GOD.  

As you can see from the pic our Interactive Information WALL is BULGING with information.    I love how this WALL of information GROWS as we LEARN more and more of GOD'S WORD. 

 We have a KING HEZEKIAH card to add to our "GOD'S AWESOME PLAN FOR MAN" wall. 

We have a NEW word for our WORD WALL.
Since Hezekiah PROSPERED,  I want the KIDDOS to know what the word Prospered means. 

Our Memory Verse for this weeks lesson is Psalm 34:10.  I thought this would be a GOOD verse to go along with the lesson.  I will point out how Hezekiah sought GOD and he did not lack any good thing....So we must seek GOD and we will not lack any good thing.  

We have a NEW SONG to learn with this lesson....We will sing this one several times over the next few weeks. 

The KIDDOS  TAKE HOME activity is a type of MOBILE.  The KIDDOS will color the hearts and attach the hanging hearts to the BIGGER HEART. 

Because,  I do not like for our TAKE HOME project to take up to much, I have pre threaded the loops that form the chain....that way during class time the KIDDOS will just need to color and then slip it though the slit on the the BIG heart and staple it together.  :-)

 The KIDDOS will be playing this "Pin The Tale On" type game as our REVIEW GAME.  Each KIDDOS will have an opportunity to PIN on Hezekiah's Heart after answering a question from the lesson. 

I have 3 different masks from the KIDDOS to wear.  Normally they choose the Monkey of Bear....they LOVE it when I get out the MASKS.  :-)

Next week, during our REVIEW DAY the KIDDOS will be doing this activity for their EXPLORER JOURNAL activity. They will color King Hezekiah and then add Jewels to Hezekiah's Crown and a 3D heart sticker that say "LOVES GOD."  

I am looking forward to teaching this lesson this SUNDAY.  The KIDDOS LOVE learning about a GODLY KING!!!!




  1. Oh my sweet sister your site has an amazing amount of ideas.... what a blessing you must be to the children God has given you to teach. I will be back.

  2. Thank you. I feel so BLESSED to be allowed to teach these PRECIOUS LITTLE ONES.

  3. can i have the link for King Hezekiah coloring page? :)