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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A FEW more BUCKET BIBLE LESSONS for the Toddler Class

As you are aware we have begun a new Bible Class for the Toddler age group.  We decided to use a BUCKET system for the KIDDOS Bible Stories.

I shared a few of the BUCKET BIBLE STORIES  when I posted about our NEWEST Bible Class.

But, as I promised we had more to COME.  This BUCKET is the beginning of an Abraham Bucket.  The descendents of Abraham are like the STARS of Heaven.  The stars came from Dollar Tree.  

We will also be adding a wooden number "3" to stand for the THREE SPECIAL Promises GOD made to Abraham.  (I have the 3's but, they need to be sanded and painted.)

This is the JOSEPH Bucket!!  Each of the KIDDOS will get a BOOK to look through as the teacher tell them the story of Joseph and sings songs about Joseph.    (These books came from Dollar Tree--they are a "Lift-A-Flap" book.)

This is the TOWER of BABEL Bucket.  The KIDDOS will get a few blocks to build up and knock down as they sing the song about the Tower of Babel.

We altered the Ezra/Nehemiah Bucket.  I found these small sand sculpture walls at the DOLLAR TREE.  So, we decided they would be FUN for the KIDDOS to "Hammer, Saw or Screw" together. 

This is the Queen Esther Bucket.  These came from the Dollar Tree.  They used to hold bubble has all be poured into a special container and saved for other purposes.  I LOVE these little queens.  They are PERFECT for this age group to be able to HOLD and "WALK" as they sing and learn about Queen Esther. 

This is the David Bucket.  These are SHEEP puppets.  They came from Dollar Tree.  These will be fun for the KIDDOS to use when they are singing songs about David.  

This is the DONKEY BUCKET.    These will be used during the telling of Balaam's Donkey.  They will also use these when learning about Jesus!  We purchased the Donkeys at Dollar Tree. 

This is the ZACCHEUS  BUCKET.  The trees are from Hobby Lobby.  The little men are from Oriental Trading Company.  We just glued them into the tree. 

Hope these ideas are helpful to those of you that teach the TODDLER AGE GROUP.  




  1. I have a question about your items in the buckets. We have been searching for stars for our baby class to go along with our songs. Where did you get your stars that are in your bucket?

  2. Where are you getting your music? For example a song about the Tower of Babel. I am not familiar with that song.