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Thursday, February 28, 2013


This SUNDAY we begin EXPLORING the KINGS of JUDAH!!!  When the KIDDOS arrive I have a "SURPRISE" waiting for them.  Hanging on the back of each of my KIDDOS chairs is a NEW Bible Class Bag!!! 

I have placed new cards in our "DO YOU KNOW" Pocket Chart.  I am always PLEASED when the KIDDOS can answer these QUESTIONS.  I feel it is so important for the KIDDOS to understand the WHO?  WHAT? WHEN? WHERE?  WHY?  and HOW is this important to me? to every lessons I teach. 

We will have a NEW word to add to our "WORD WALL."    I want the KIDDOS to understand what it means to be LOYAL.  I want the KIDDOS to understand the ASA was LOYAL to GOD.

We have TWO new PROPHETS to add to our WALL of PROPHETS.  We have Azariah and Hanani.  Both of these Prophets/Seers have interaction with King Asa!!

OUR MAP has JERUSALEM placed on it.  Most of our lessons will be happening in the city of, we wont have a BUNCH of places to add to our MAP...but, as we learn of other places we will make sure to add them.

We have TWO NEW SONGS to learn this week.  The KIDDOS have heard the KINGS of JUDAH song before...BUT the ASA WAS LOYAL is a NEW SONG for the KIDDOS. 

The KIDDOS MEMORY VERSE comes directly from the TEXT of this LESSON.  I LOVE this verse....WHAT a COMFORT this verse provides to those who are LOYAL to GOD!!!   

I did make a small adjustment to the size of our MEMORY VERSE cards.    I found these 4X6 Magnetic Photo Pockets at the Dollar Tree.  I thought they would be GREAT for the KIDDOS to TAKE home and put on the FRIDGE.  That way each week the KIDDOS can take home their MEMORY VERSE and place it in the pocket on the FRIDGE.  That will give it a PROMINENT place in their HOME and make it even easier for the KIDDOS to review it with their parents.

The KIDDOS "TAKE HOME" project is an EASEL style EARTH with EYES.  It is made from Card Stock. 

 The KIDDOS will COLOR the WORLD and stick on the GOOGLY eyes.

As a EXTRA "TAKE HOME" I am going to let the KIDDOS make a 3D ball with eyes. 

The componets to  this activity are a Laundry Soap Bottle Lid.  (I told you I save EVERYTHING.)  A condiment bowl, An Earth Ball (I bought these at the Dollar Tree) and Stick On GOOGLY eyes. 

These are all PRE MADE....EXCEPT the GOOGLY EYES.  The KIDDOS will just PEEL and STICK the eyes on!!  The BALL is being left LOOSE.   It just SITS in the little cup.  So, the KIDDOS can still Play with the Ball.  I THINK they turned our really cute!!

Our REVIEW GAME is King Asa's Loyal Heart, BINGO.  The way this will be played is simple.  EACH of the SQUARES is an ANSWER to the REVIEW QUESTIONS I will be asking the KIDDOS.  Every CARD has the exact same pictures---they are just rearranged.  NOTICE the "
" BINGO MARKERS,"  they are HEARTS!!!!  I bought those back during the Valentine Season at the Dollar Tree.  I LOVE it when a THEME comes together so easily. 

Next week will be our REVIEW WEEK.  The KIDDOS will be making this LOYAL HEART activity to add to their "EXPLORER JOURNAL."    They will color their heart and add GEMS to the CROWN.   

But, this HEART has something SPECIAL going on...The HEART is actually a POCKET!!  The KIDDOS will put "things" into the POCKET that help KEEP ones HEART LOYAL to GOD.

Each of these activities  will help our HEART be LOYAL to GOD:  "PRAY DAILY,"   "PAY ATTENTION IN WORSHIP,"  "READ BIBLE,"   "GO TO BIBLE CLASS."

We are going to be BUSY over the next "QUARTER."    I am so excited about the KIDDOS learning so many LIFE LESSONS from the KINGS of JUDAH. 




  1. Mrs. Ronda,

    I am absolutely amazed and in awe of the time and dedication you pour in to your lessons for your little ones. I am the Director of Children's Ministry at our church and I love watching your blog.

    I have a couple of questions for you if you do not mind sharing your thoughts. I often struggle to find the time to prepare everything each week because Sunday rolls around very quickly.

    On average, how many hours do you spend in prep time? How many children do you have to prepare for? How far out do you plan? Last question, in your church are you also the person that is in charge on contacting new families who have children?

    If you do not want to post all of that here, would you mind emailing me at

    Thank you so much for your time and attention!

    Beth Moss

  2. I am doing a lesson on Asa for our Awana this week. Do you share your printables? If so, where might I find a download link? I would really love to use them. Also, what tune is the Asa song to?
    I have never commented on a blog, so I am not sure how I would see a response. My email is if you might be able to help. Thank you!

  3. Do you have a template to share for the King Asa's Loyal Heart that folds? My email is Our preschool class is going to be doing a lesson on King Asa and this would be a perfect craft.

  4. What is the tune for the Asa song? Do you have templates for the crafts? My email is