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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

KIDDOS Draw their FAVORITE STORY from the Kings of Israel

 I LOVE KIDDOS!!!  I LOVE it when KIDDOS draw pictures!!!  I LOVE it when KIDDOS draw pictures about BIBLE STORIES!!!  

I wanted to share with you some of the PICTURES my KIDDOS drew on our REVIEW SUNDAY.  You see, I told the KIDDOS they could draw their FAVORITE STORY  from the Lessons we had on the Northern Nation/Kings of Israel.  

Then I had the KIDDOS tell me WHAT they drew--I label the picture.  Then the KIDDOS had to tell me the STORY from their picture.  I wrote down the words of the KIDDOS. 

This picture was drawn by one of the BOYS in my class.  He just turned 6.  He LOVED the story of NAAMAN!!!   I love that he remembered that the Jordan River was dirty.

This picture is by my oldest KIDDO.  She is 7.  She LOVED the story of Jonah.  I LOVE this picture!!

This picture was drawn by one of the GIRLS in my class.  She really loved the story of NAAMAN.  I LOVE the FLOCK of yellow birds.  (I had to ask here what those were.  :-))

 This picture was drawn by a 5 year old little girl. I was wondering what she was drawing...After, she began to explain her picture, I was so excited.  She drew the story of Elisha making an Axe Head Float.  She even remembered that Elisha tossed a stick into the Jordan to cause the Axe Head to float.  

This picture really excited me.  This little boy is barely 4.  When he began drawing the red circles I was not sure...then he drew the BLUE for Heaven and the Green Man is Elijah and that Square Scribble of blue is his Chariot!!!!  I was in awe as he began telling me the story using his picture as his "visual aid."  

BTW, Just wanted to let you know--I laminated each of these drawings.  They are so PRECIOUS!!!   I am thinking about keeping them long enough to buy some inexpensive 8x10 frames and then FRAMING their ARTWORK and then let them give it to their Dad  as a Father's Day Gift.

Allowing the KIDDOS to FREE DRAW me a story allowed me to TEST the KIDDOS.  I was very PLEASED with their ability to RECALL and RETELL me the stories!!!  This is one HAPPY BIBLE CLASS Teacher!!!!



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  1. Thanks for your happy presentation. My church (in Tokyo, Japan) is so small and can't have children's class recently. But I encouraged a little visiting your site, thank you. H.N.