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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Memory Verse "REWARD"

I was THRILLED to find these are the Dollar Tree!!!  AND, I will NOT be using them for a BABY SHOWER!!!  :-)  I will be using them for our NEWEST way to TRACK our MEMORY VERSES.  

I know you are probably thinking I am a bit crazy....but, let me explain...

You see, I had an ABUNDANCE of PONY beads...and I do mean an ABUNDANCE!!!!

I had some metal shower curtain hooks that I picked up out of a "FREE" box at a Garage Sale....and I wanted to combine the two....BUT, I wanted MORE!!!!

Well, I ran into Dollar Tree looking for some TINY CHAIRS...YES, I FOUND THEM!!! (Watch for them to be in a future post!!!)   But, that is when I spotted these!!!!  I thought they would give the Memory Verse Bead Rings the Extra Touch I was wanting.  So, I quickly tossed 6 of these sweet little pins into my cart.  Pink for the Girls and Blue for the Boys!!!  PERFECT!!!

I printed out the circles that say, "I Said My Memory Verse."  I made them up on the computer.  I cut them out and then ran them through my sticker making machine.  Then just STUCK them to the front of the pins.  

Then I used my hole punch and punched a hole in the ribbon and ran the hook right through the hole....If they begin to weaken around the hole...I can just drop a bit of hot glue on the hole...problem solved.  

So, each week, when the KIDDOS say their Memory Verse...they will get to add a Pony Bead to their Shower Hook!!!!  I gave the KIDDOS  a preview of this on this past Sunday....THEY WERE BEYOND EXCITED!!!!!!   All that excitement over a BEAD on a Shower Hook!!!  But, if helps me motivate them to Memorize the Scriptures....then I am THRILLED!!!!!

To DISPLAY these, I decided to KEEP the original DISPLAY card that they came on...I just PRINTED out the KIDDO'S Names, using a colorful/fun FONT and attached it to the front of the card with wide wide a hole and hung them on the back of their chairs.  They will be convenient  for the KIDDOS to get and add their bead.  I do have a few that do not have a name on them...I always make a few extra...because, I always plan for GROWTH.  :-)

These hooks are always on their chairs...the KIDDOS will hang their BIBLE CLASS bag on them....They are Command Hooks and are soooo easy to attach or take off the chairs.  

Simple things make KIDDOS so happy!!!!  My goal is to get them to LOVE MEMORIZING GOD'S WORD!!!  I want it embedded in their HEARTS!!!!!




  1. Great idea! Are you willing to share the circle "I said my memory verse" template that you made?

  2. Tawny...If you can send me a email address, I could attempt to email them to you.