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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Kings of the Divided Nations

I wanted to share with you the FINISHED product!!!  Remember, I showed you those CROWN DOOR HANGERS, that I had found at the Dollar Tree.....Well, this is what I ended up doing with them!!! 

I took a SMILY FACE/FROWNY FACE and hot glued it to the back...that way the KIDDOS would know if the King was a "GOOD/RIGHTEOUS" King or a "BAD/UNRIGHTEOUS" King.   

Then I hot glued a Information Card on the front....Name of KING.  How long he served as King.  Interesting facts about the King.  Scripture references to that King.  ETC.


This is the set for the Kings of Judah.  I wanted the GOOD Kings to stand I used the BLUE and YELLOW door hangers just for them.  I also wanted to make sure that the only queen of Judah stood I made her out of the PURPLE door hanger.  All of the wicked Kings were made from the PINK, ORANGE and GREEN door hangers. 

For the Kings of Israel---sadly---there were NO RIGHTEOUS KINGS.  So they are all made fromm the PINK, ORANGE, and GREEN Door Hangers. 

Please remember I teach the PRE-K-1st Graders...SO, I did add a "J" or "I" to the KINGS crown....That way it will be easier for the KIDDOS to determine whether they have a KING of ISRAEL or a KING of JUDAH.  I think this will also help with CLEAN UP time.  

This is how we will use these:  

As a SORTING GAME...I will read the name and information on the card...and the KIDDOS will have to put the KINGS in the RIGHT CASTLE.    
As an ORDINAL GAME...Since we sing a song that tells the KINGS in order...we will place them in the CASTLES in the correct order.  
As a REVIEW GAME...I will tell the KIDDOS the name of the KING....they tell me what they KNOW about that KING.  (GODLY/UNGODLY, JUDAH/ISRAEL, or anything else they remember....)  Then they get to put the KING in the correct Castle. 

By the way...the CASTLES are made from Kleenex  boxes.  (This is WHY I save STRANGE things!!)    I just cut the top off.  Cut out a CASTLE FRONT.  Spray Painted them with some leftover paint.  The details were drawn on with a Sharpie.  Great for the games----GREAT FOR STORAGE! 

 Ready for SUNDAY!!!!    I LOVE it when I find something at the DOLLAR TREE and I am able to USE it to teach Bible Class!!!!  Bright and Colorful!!!!  KIDDO Friendly!!!!  Very Economical!!!!  (For every $1.00 you get 3 door hangers!!! And, the Tissue Boxes were FREE!!!)




  1. These are absolutely adorable!

    Will you have the king info cards for sale?

    Thank you for sharing all of your creative ideas.

  2. HUM....I am going to see if maybe I can get it where it is downloadable....can you send me your email?

    1. I just found these and would like to have access to the information you printed on each king. Is that available still? I teach K-1st grade and we are studying this right now. Thank you.

  3. Ronda, I love the kings! I purchased the door hangers to re-create this project, but I am not sure what you used for the smiley/frowney faces. Are these stickers, printables, etc?

  4. I just printed the faces and laminated them...then hot glued them on.

  5. Hi Ronda, Could you possibly get a picture of all the bookmarks in a few photos as I would like to use the info on them...
    They're great!