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Monday, October 8, 2012


First off let me explain---THESE ARE NOT FROM MY CLASS!!!! 

This is an activity that is done in our 2nd-4th grade class.  They are using the Discovering God's Way curriculum  that can be purchased through CEI bookstore.  

This Lap Book activity is NOT part of the curriculum, ...but, it is our TEACHERS taking their curriculum and expanding it with an activity.  

I love it when teachers take a CURRICULUM and ADD activities to really EXCITE the KIDDOS LEARNING. 

These are made from FILE FOLDERS.  They are TAPED together and FOLDED back and forth....The Teacher prepares all the items that will attached...BUT, the KIDDOS do all the Coloring, cutting, gluing, etc. 

I think they are BEAUTIFUL!   My son, who moved out of my class this passed promotion period, made one and he is THRILLED!!!!!  He is able to tell me EVERY STORY that they covered during this passed quarter.  

I thought that those of you that teach older KIDDOS might appreciate me sharing this idea!!!  

Since they say, "a picture is worth a thousand words"  ---I will share a LOT of pictures.   You are welcomed to ask me questions and I will try to answer them. 

We are BLESSED to have dedicated Teachers  ....And, the KIDDOS are so Richly Blessed!!! 

 This is what their Lap Book looks like--when it is all folded up!

Lap Book All STRETCHED out.   Side 1
Lap Book All STRETCHED out. Side 2
As you can tell, this past quarter the KIDDOS in our 2nd-4th grade classes learned about the Judges- the United Kingdom.  Their knowledge of this important period of our Bible HISTORY is AMAZING.  Thanks to the effort of the TEACHERS that PUT IN SOME EXTRA TIME AND EFFORT. 

I LOVE the fact that some of the pages of their Lap Book have Flaps that Have to be LIFTED/MOVED so that you can read MORE information!!!  Some of the Pages even have Moving Pieces or 3D items.  

I cannot say it enough ---The KIDDOS LOVED making these!!!!  And, as a MOM of one of the KIDDOS----I will TREASURE going over this with my son for years to come!!!




  1. Super!! Thanks for some hints for teaching some of the older kids as well. I am fascinated by the "lap book" concept, just have a lot of question about how they are actuall put together. Since file folders already have a major fold in them, does that cause any problems when you fold the file into thirds instead of in half?

  2. Our teachers have been doing this for several years and have not had any trouble with them falling apart....they seem to like this style of folding since that gives the 4 sections...4 different lessons for each folder!!! I know that they use packing tape to tape all the folders together. Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions. :-)

  3. BTW---this is why we KEEP OLD books....You know the ones that MOST people throw away....This gives our teachers the opportunity to CUT out usable pictures, maps, quotes, etc. LAP BOOKS are a GREAT USE for that OLD BIBLE CLASS material!!!!

  4. This looks fantastic, Ronda! Thanks for sharing. Did they do one 1/4 panel for each lesson? You said it's 2-sided so it looks like there was more than one panel used for each.

  5. Holly, the way that DGW wrote their lesson seems to have a different part of the story for Sunday and Wednesday....which means that in13 weeks they get 26 lessons per quarter. I believe they also do a review week. Including the cover...I believe that would account for all of the panels. Hope this helps. :-)

  6. I need clarification. The kids colored copies made from the curriculum your referenced? Or teacher created materials?