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Friday, May 11, 2012

Using Toys to Teach Bible Stories.

I have to tell you all a story.  My hubby and I went shopping at Toys-R-Us the other day.  You see, my 7 year old son had been saving his "commission" (that is what my kiddos "earn" by doing their chores) to buy a new LEGO set.  Well, we found the LEGO set and I decided to look around.  When I went around the corner I saw something that literally made me squeal with excitement.    Well, my curious hubby came around the corner to see what I was so excited about...And, there I was standing with an "Animal Planet" Playset in my hand.    I looked at my hubby (I am sure I had my sad "puppy" eyes going on...) and said, "I would really, really like to have 3 of  these... and MOTHER'S Day is coming up."    He lovingly looked into my eyes and asked, "Why?"    I quickly responded....."I LOOOOOOOOVE the Tents!!!!  I would use them for my Patriarchs."  That was the MAIN reason behind my desire....but, then I went on and explained that the animals could be used for the Creation Story, Noah's Ark, Daniel and the Lions, and the Trees could be used for SOOO many stories...One as the "Tree of Life" one could be the "BROOM Tree" that Elijah sat under....etc.  And, look there is an "EXPLORER!"   I can use those for my "Exploring Bible History" theme.    So, my loving hubby---laughing as I "JUSTIFIED" my desire for these....said, "YES!!!!"

I LOVE these tents!!!!  They are NOT hard plastic....they are soft!!!  Perfect for little hands.  

When I see the three tents sitting together I get so excited and  immediately think. "ABRAHAM," "ISAAC,"  and "JACOB."  Don't You? 

This is how I will be using these TENTS.  I have had these BIBLE TIME finger puppets for more than 20 daughters that are 24 and 23 years old PLAYED with these when they were toddlers.    I LOVE how the men and tents GO together.   After all, the Patriarchs NEED their TENTS!  I hope these makes you SMILE too!!

So, for the rest of the PLAYSET.....These Trees are GREAT!!!!  Because, my sweet hubby bought me 3 sets, I have three of these trees to use!!!!!  YAY!!!

All those Animals, Boats and Explorers are currently "resting" in one of my storage tubs....We will put them to use in the future.  

So, my point to this POST is....THINK ABOUT BIBLE CLASS all the time!!!!  If you have Bible Stories running through your will be AMAZED at what you find that will help you TEACH the story more effectively.   If you are a Thrift Store shopper or a Garage Sale shopper....take time to look in those "CHEAP" toy boxes.  Before, you throw out your Kiddo's toys, that they no longer play with, ask yourself, "Can I use this to teach a Bible Story?"   And, If you find yourself at Toys-R-Us,  wanting to buy these sets...FYI I found them near the LEGOS.  :)





  1. I love your site.I visit every day.

    God bless you.

  2. Ha ha ha ha, I do the same thing!

  3. DO you sell any of your material!! it looks amazing!