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Friday, May 4, 2012

Paper Rocks Become Altar, Well and Memorial

A "BLAST from the PAST!!!" 

I made these "ROCKS" a LONG time ago.  And, they have been used for so many Bible Lessons.   They may not look impressive here...but, they do get TRANSFORMED...  just keep on reading.  :)


As you can see they started off as simple paper sacks stuffed with news paper.  Due to the weather the week I made these I was unable to complete them.  I had wanted to Paper Mache them....but, since the weather was rainy and moist it was NOT a good thing to do.  So we just built our "Altar" out of the stuffed paper bags.  The kiddos liked these...but, I still wanted them to be a bit more realistic...sooooooo....

Here they are being used as an ALTAR

As soon as the weather was conducive to Paper Maching, I got after it.  It took several days to complete these "ROCKS," but they are soooo worth the time and effort.   (BTW, I use the starch and newspaper way of paper mache.)    Once they were dry from the maching process....I spray painted them with a textured (rock like) spray paint.  I LOVE the way they turned out!!!  They are light enough for the kiddos to pick up and yet sturdy enough to be used over and over again.  As I have said, I have used these for SEVERAL Bible Stories. 

We have used these "ROCKS" as the WELL where Abraham's servant met Rebekah.    I places blue wrapping paper on the inside of the mimic a well. I have some "buckets of water" with questions from the lesson on them inside the well.

We used them for the WELL Where Jacob met Rachel.  We let one of the boy  remove the stone from the top to "help" Rachel.   Inside of the "well" I had placed buckets with questions from the Bible Story written on the back of each of them. (Just like the the time we used it as the "well" for the story of Rebekah.)

I have even used these as the "MEMORIAL STONES" picked up out of the Jordan...which we then made into the "memorial" at GILGAL.    This was so much fun...I loved the way the KIDDOS pretended that these were soooo heavy.  They would "HEAVE" them up on their shoulders and carry them to GILGAL.  (I had set up a corner in our room...and called it Gilgal.)

We will be using these "ROCKS" again soon.  I will be getting them out and using them  when we learn about Elijah on Mount Carmel. 

I LOVE making something that I can use in many different ways....I recommend making a set of these "ROCKS."  They are so useful and so effective.  



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