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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

KIDDOS Build "Solomon's Temple"

Just a quick post to show you why my KIDDOS AMAZE me.  

As you know we "PLAYED" a REVIEW GAME during our LESSON on Solomon Builds The Temple.    The "GAME" went like this:  I asked the KIDDOS a question from the LESSON and they'd answer.  If they got the answer correct they added a BLOCK to the "TEMPLE."  

I was soooo impressed with the TEMPLE that the KIDDOS built I decided I really needed to SHARE it with you.  

The first Sunday of our lesson...this is what they had accomplished.  Each KIDDO adding a block for each correct answer they gave.  I was impressed with this.....BUT WAIT.......

The following SUNDAY the KIDDOS COMPLETED their version of Solomon's Temple....and this is what it looked like!!!!!!!!

This PIC is a side view of the KIDDOS Temple.  The 3 blocks in the back, with the single block on top...well that is their version of the MOST HOLY PLACE!!! Inside they placed a cylinder block to represent the ARK of The Covenant.

This is the FRONT view....COLUMNS and ALL!!!!   If you stop to think about this process it just might AMAZE you too.  My KIDDOS range in age 4 to 8.  We have a split number of boys and girls.  They had to be able to ANSWER QUESTIONS from the lesson individually.  Then they had to have a bit of TEAM the older ones really helped the younger ones figure out WHERE they should place the NEXT block (in order to make it look like SOLOMON'S Temple.)  Then they had to have patience with each other....Because, sometimes the one placing the BLOCK was just determined that they wanted the block to go a certain place.   I remind them that GOD wants us to WORK together to ACCOMPLISH HIS WORK....and so, we are SHOWING EACH other RESPECT by Listening to each other, Encouraging each other and Helping each other along.  So, not only did they have to know the FACTS from the LESSON...They also, had to put some Godly LIFE SKILLS to WORK!!!!  I LOVE it when a "GAME" is SOOOOOO much more than a "GAME!" 




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