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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cubby Shelving Unit and Word Wall.

I LOVE finding bargains that fill a desire I have had for my Bible Class Room.  I recently found this shelving unit for $8.00 at a local Thrift Store.  I was extremely excited.  I had wanted the kiddos to have their own CUBBY (storage) and this perfectly fulfilled the desire.  I could hardly wait to get it into our classroom. I labeled each square with the kiddo's names.   
The top of the shelving unit added some needed storage space near the door of our classroom.    We now store our "EXPLORER JOURNALS,"  our "WE LISTEN DURING WORSHIP" pages and GLOBE on top of the Cubby Unit.    

I love having this near the door.....It also has given us a "WALL" near the white board...which is nice.  It helps keeps the kiddos in one area while we are doing "Carpet Time" activities.    As you can see, the back of the shelving unit was PERFECT for our "WORD WALL."  I love the fact that our "WORD WALL"  is at the KIDDO'S eye level.   

Here is a close up of the "WORD WALL."  I LOVE THIS!!!!  And, for $8.00 this small shelving unit fills so many of our needs!!!! 

Keep your eyes opened and always ask yourself, "Could this fill a need, want, or desire in my Bible Class?"  You will be amazed at what your find at places like Garage Sales, Thrift Stores and Dollar Tree.   




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  2. I would love to have a cup copy of your words for the word wall