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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Another Ealry Arrival Activity E. A. A.

We have a new E.A.A. (Early Arrival Activity) in our classroom and the KIDDOS LOVE it!!!.  

This was a SUPER SIMPLE thing to do.  I just took OLD Visuals and attached them to MAGNETIC Sticker Sheets.  I purchased the Magnetic Sheets at our local Dollar Tree.    I also purchased our Magnetic Puzzle Trays (COOKIE SHEETS) at the Dollar Tree, too.   The kiddos like having their OWN Puzzle Tray...and I like the fact that all the Puzzle Pieces stay on the trays....NOT ALL OVER THE FLOOR.  

I  coded each Puzzle Pouch with a "CLUE" question about the puzzle.   I ask the kiddos the question....if they do not know the answer before they put the puzzle together....I allow them to put the puzzle together and then try to answer the question.  Most of the time they KNOW the answer before they put the puzzle together.  :)

Almost Done!
Working Hard
Here is a pic of one of our Early Arrives.  
He was excited about the NEW Early Arrival Activity. 

He was successful in getting the puzzle put together....and when he held it up to show me... NONE OF THE PIECES FELL OFF THE TRAY!!!!!!!!   

I love taking items that were useful in the past and giving them a NEW USE!!!  Check through your congregations "old" visuals and see if there are some you could use to make PUZZLES, GAMES, or REVIEWS.



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