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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rahab Hides the Spies

This is Lesson 2 in Joshua and the Quest of Canaan, from the EXPLORING BIBLE HISTORY curriculum that I am writing. Last week we learned how Joshua became the new leader of the Hebrews. We learned how he was strong and brave.

This week we are learning about Rahab and the spies. The children will learn about how a Canaanite woman BELIEVED in GOD and helped the Hebrew spies.

The "Take Home" activity for this week is a "Wall of Jericho" with the spies escaping. I change this "Take Home" activity since making the prototype. The children's activity is not a box...but, it is more of a flat wall. However, it is a very sturdy activity...I ended up placing a piece of cardboard (from cereal boxes) between the 2 pieces of cardstock. This makes the project very sturdy. Then I punched a hole in the middle and added a "scarlet" (red yarn) cord . The spies are from a clip art program...I just punched holes in several places and the children will weave the "scarlet" cord through the spies hands and feet...this way it will look like they are holding on to the cord. The spies will then be able to move down the cord by pulling on the back of the project. Sounds kinda complicated...but it really was very easy. That is why I post pics....Pictures are worth a 1000 words. :-)

Our Memory Verse this week is Joshua 2:11. The children will color their Memory Verse Card during class on Sunday morning. We will sing the song that goes with this MV. Most of them will have it memorized before leaving class on Sunday. That is why I always put their MV to a tune. BTW, there is a young boy in my class that has every memory verse I have ever passed out for them to learn. I LOVE IT!!!

Our review game this week is called "The Spies Escape." The kiddos will answer questions from today's lesson...for every correct answer the spies are moved down the wall. I am sure those spies will safely escape Jericho...I teach a really great group of kiddos. This was made by printing an enlarged picture of my "Take Home." Then attatched it to a foam core style board...(this board is actually corregated plastic. I bought it at a local Good Will for a $1.00...I bought several for future projects.) I then attatched a "Scarlet Cord" using red yarn...and velcro dots. The spies have the opposite velcro dot on the back of them...that way they will stick to the wall as they "escape down the wall."

I am looking forward to this Sunday...I know the childre will LOVE this story...especially the boys. Anytime there is "danger," "spies." "escaping." etc. The boys get soooo excited! My girls will love it too....because a "GIRL" helped the spies. God needs both men and women.....Boys and Girls.




  1. Hi Ronda,

    I would like to use your craft idea for my Sunday school class this week. Would you mind sending me the files for the pictures to print out so I can make the craft? My e-mail is

  2. I too would love the file or at least the spies and Rahab? Would you mind linking or sharing? I would appreciate it! It would be for our homeschooling ... thanks! :)


  3. I too would love the file for the spies and Rahab. Would you mind linking or emailing? That would be great. It would be for Sunday school for my small church. Thanks!


  4. I would love to use both for my kids church lessons. Would you mind emailing ? Greatly appreciated!


  5. Do you share your handouts? I would love them for our church group!

  6. I would also like the clip art in black and white so that I could have the children color the page. Thank you!

  7. HI! Great crafts for the story of Rahab and the spies! Could you be so kind to send me all the clip arts you have to this story, please? my email is

    Thanks so much!

  8. Hi, I am very interested in this craft. Can you send the file to me asap as I need it to teach the children in 2 days time? Would appreciate your help in this. Thanks

  9. I would also like to use the pictures. Could you please send them to me also? Thanks

  10. I also would like to use the pictures. Can you please send them to me? Thank you!

  11. This is a lovely craft idea. I would like to use you craft idea, can you please send them to me? Thank you

  12. This is a lovely craft idea. I would like to use you craft idea, can you please send them to me? Thank you - zvia

  13. This is a lovely craft idea. I would like to use you craft idea, can you please send them to me? Thank you, zvia