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Monday, February 22, 2010

Joshua and The Judges


This past Sunday we began our new quarter in our Exploring Bible History Curriculum. I have been soooo busy writing and producing materials for this new quarter that I have NOT had much time to blog. But, now that the quarter has begun, I will try to let you all know what we are doing in class. Our new Explorer Journals are RED. Each quarter had a different color Explorer Journal. Genesis was blue. Exodus Green and Joshua and Judges will be red. The color match a unique TIME LINE that we have hanging in the hallway of the church building. The children love being able to look at the boards and locate the stories we are learning in class.

This was our first lesson about Joshua. We were truly sad to learn about Moses's death on Mount Nebo. The children really learned a lot from Moses. However, we are excited about Joshua becoming the new leader of the Hebrews.

We focused on the history of the Hebrews...we talked about their LONG journey from Egypt. We then went on to talk about how BRAVE Joshua was...and that God had promised to be with him, as HE had been with Moses.

Our "Take Home" activity was a PLAQUE with Joshua 1:9 on it. The children colored the plaques with crayon and then glued on the laminated verse. They were thrilled with their PLAQUES. They were very excited and began telling me where they were going to hang them. One boy told me he wanted to hang his in his remind him to be brave every day. (Statements like that from children just make this Bible Class Teacher SMILE!)

Our Memory Verse is a portion of Joshua 1:9. We sang (I always put their memory verses to a tune) the memory verse several times in class. We will be filling in an "Explorer's Map" with a sticker, every time they have their Memory Verse memorized.

The Memory Verse "Explorer Maps" are hanging right below their attendance charts. I have found if I hang personal charts together they are more likely to find their own w/o asking me over and over again, "Which one is mine?" Please remember I am teaching the Preschool-1st graders.

Our review game was a very simple game this week. We played a version of "Follow the Leader." I was the first leader....they children had to follow me and do what I did. Then the children had to answer a question from the lesson to get to be the next leader. While they were leading the class around the room we sang a song from the lesson. "Joshua The New Leader." But, for the game we replaced Joshua with the students name that was leading the class. They really enjoyed it!!!!

We are very excited about this new quarter. I will be very busy and hope to bring you some wonderful teaching ideas.


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