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Monday, January 6, 2014

The BOOK of ACTS 2nd-4th GRADE Classroom

Please remember, I AM NOT the teacher for this CLASS full of KIDDOS. I love "visiting" this classroom...and am BLESSED to be asked to "help" come up with ideas, bulletin boards and decorations.    :-)  

THIS is their NEW Information Wall!! The KIDDOS will be MEMORIZING what is in each chapter of ACTS....They will be doing this based upon the ABC'S!!!   So, we entitled this "ACTS As Easy as ABC'S."    

I had salvaged these FLAMES from a former project...they were belonged to someone else and they were going to throw them away....I asked them if I could have them and they said I could! SCORE!!!!  I knew I would put them to use one day.  :-)

If you notice the teacher has MEMORY verse TRACKERS up on the wall....The KIDDOS will add a FLAME each time they say their MEMORY VERSES!!  

I think I am going to use this method to MEMORIZE what is in each chapter of ACTS!!!!  :-)

Above the white board we placed a BANNER....This banner is a quote from my Themes of the Books of the Bible Books.  

Sine the Book of ACTS is all about the GOSPEL being SPREAD throughout the WORLD....the Teacher decided to go with an EARTH themed WORD WALL.  I had purchased the little earths at the Dollar Tree a while back. When I find items like this I will purchase them and place them in the church 's Teacher's Resource Room.

This age group LOVES LAPBOOKS.  I am excited to SEE how these LAPBOOKS look when they COMPLETE their study of the Book of ACTS!!!  I think they are off to a great start!!

I LOVE "NEW QUARTERS!"   There is always a surge of excitement and business during quarter changes.  It is also a VERY BUSY time!!!  :-)  



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  1. Do you happen to have a copy of the ACTS as Easy as ABC? I love that!