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Friday, January 24, 2014

Adam WAS Alone....GOD MADE EVE

We are moving forward in our study of Genesis.  The KIDDOS have done great!!!  They have all the days of CREATION memorized and will tell us, HOW EACH "item" GOD MADE BLESSES US.   True learning when they are able to tell me HOW WHAT GOD MADE or DID CHANGES/BLESSES them.  

Our NEXT lesson is all about ADAM & EVE.  GOD LOVED ADAM and it was NOT GOOD for him to be alone.  SO, GOD made him a HELPMEET!!  A PERFECT MATCH!!!

This is our WHO? WHAT? WHEN? WHERE? WHERE? WHY? AND HOW this is important to me? CARDS.

I forgot to SHARE our WORD WALL WORD for the LAST LESSON.  We have the word CREATION.....We talked A LOT about how ONLY GOD can CREATE and we MAKE.  

This week we will be adding the word SUITABLE to our WORD WALL!!!  I want the KIDDOS to understand that GOD did NOT FIND ANYTHING/ANYONE, he CREATED EVE!!!!  She was the perfect SUITABLE MATCH!!!!!

The KIDDOS Memory Verse will be directly from the Lesson Text.  We will be singing this to the tune:  "Oh, come all ye faithful..." 

If you would like to hear our memory verse click on the link will route you to the FB page for HOBT.  

I decided to go with a PRE-MADE Visual....I bought these sets off of EBAY.  Sadly, they are out of print.  I wish we could start a petition and beg the company to remake them.  

I have found the OT set at:

(I am NOT affiliated with the above company.  I have NEVER order from the above company.  I DO NOT receive any payment, perks, or compensation for listing them here...I only do this as a service to my readers.)

They have a New Testament set, too.  The NT set seems to be VERY hard to find!!  I check ebay and Amazon for them often.  :-) 

To make this STAND UP on the table, I just used a DOUBLE stick foam square and attached it to my TRUSTY Dollar Tree picture frame.  :-)

We have a very simple song for this lesson.    It teaches the basis of the entire story of Eve being created for Adam.  

This song is from my songbook.  

For their TAKE-HOME project the KIDDOS will be making a POP OUT, GARDEN of EDEN scene with Adam and Eve.

 It is just a coloring sheet with a small sheet stapled to the front to make it POP out.  The Adam and Eve came from Hobby Lobby....they were on clearance a few years ago.  I always check Hobby Lobby's clearance, especially at the end of Summer. (That is when they really discount their VBS stuff.)


Our REVIEW GAME is a MATCH GAME.  The KIDDOS will answer a question from the lesson.  Then have an opportunity to see if they can find a MATCH.  Of course, we are on the hunt for the PERFECT, SUITABLE, MATCH for ADAM!!!!


The KIDDOS are working on getting the THEME of the Book of Genesis memorized.  (This poem comes from my Themes of The Books of The Bible Books Set.)  I use them as a Bulletin Board Set, too.  

Next week the KIDDOS will be making these as their Explorer Journal Activity.

To give this a 3D feel, the KIDDOS will add FOAMY FLOWER STICKERS, FOAMY LEAF STICKERS, and a FOAMY CREATURE STICKER....I have butterflies, frogs or, they will get to choose.  

I am enjoying teaching through the CREATION account.   So many FAITH building lessons are found in the book of GENESIS!!!  GOD is SOOO GOOD to HIS CREATION!!!  



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