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Friday, January 18, 2013

So Sad: Israel Goes Into Assyrian Captivity

This weeks lesson brings us to the END of the Nation of Israel.  This is a HARD but NECESSARY lesson.  

The KIDDOS NEED to know that GOD KEEPS ALL of HIS PROMISES!  We have learned a LOT of lessons over the past several weeks.  We started with the DIVISION of KINGDOM and will end with Israel going into Assyrian Captivity.  (We have FOCUSED on the NORTHERN NATION of Israel during this study.  We will be learning about the SOUTHERN NATION of JUDAH soon.)

 If you FOLLOW me on FB, I mentioned that I had MOVED some things around...well, I MOVED out MAP and REVIEW BOARD over to the WHO? WHAT? WHEN? WHERE? WHY? and HOW? WALL.  This wall is DIRECTLY behind me--when I am actually sitting in the "TEACHER'S" Chair.  I refer to this WALL a WHOLE LOT---so, I decided it would make it SOOOOO much easier on ME to have the MAP and REVIEW BOARD on the SAME WALL.  

We have a NEW CARD to add to our "GOD'S AWESOME PLAN FOR MAN" wall.    It is a CARD that LIST ALL the Kings of Israel.


We have a NEW word for our WORD WALL!  The word CAPTIVITY.  I want the KIDDOS to understand the word CAPTIVITY. 

We will be adding an ARROW to our MAP.  The ARROW represent the Nation of Israel being carried off to ASSYRIA. 

The KIDDOS Memory Verse is Deuteronomy 5:7.  In the story I am telling I point out that Israel NEVER had a godly King and ALL their Kings worshiped IDOLS.  They left the LORD'S COMMANDMENTS.  I want to remind the KIDDOS that GOD gave them the COMMAND to NEVER have any other god!  (SHOWING GOD'S PLAN FOR MAN---UNFOLDING.)

We will be SINGING two THEME related songs for this lesson.  We have sung the KINGS OF ISRAEL song in the past. BUT, we have a NEW SONG for the KIDDOS with this lesson.    The KIDDOS will learn the song, "IT IS SO SAD TO SAY."  It is sung to the tune:  Farmer In The Dale.

Please FORGIVE the use of MY PICTURE. 
OK---COMING UP with a "TAKE HOME" project was a WEE BIT HUGE challenge!!  I was NOT really sure what I was going to do....BUT, I knew I wanted it to have something to do with KEEPING GOD'S COMMANDS!!!  (Israel failed and were carried away---WE DO NOT WANT TO FAIL!)    So, I was at the DOLLAR TREE and I saw these really cool picture frames.  My wheels began spinning....and THIS is what I ended UP deciding to do...

The KIDDOS will get a picture of themselves with the verse Psalm 119:127 printed as a border around their picture.  They will color the WORDS and VERSE REFERENCE---I am going to let the KIDDOS  use Color Pencils to make the coloring a bit easier and "more special."   In the smaller frame I have removed the glass and in its place added sparkly paper and cardboard....the KIDDOS will GLUE (using glue dots---makes it go so much faster) a LITTLE BIBLE with a FOAM HEART  STICKER onto the cardboard.  LITTLE BIBLES came from MARDEL.    I think the KIDDOS will LOVE this project!!!  They always LOVE getting a picture of themselves and the fact that the LITTLE BIBLE can be opened is REALLY FUN!  I have a plan for visitors---I have a few BLANK PICTURES...They just have the verse printed on it...VISITORS will DRAW a picture of themselves.  I  try to be prepared for up to 3 visitors.  :-)

Our REVIEW GAME is a TIC TAC TOE game.  We will have two teams:    CROWNS and CASTLES!  The KIDDOS will answer a question from the lesson...if they answer correctly they will place a CROWN or CASTLE down....THIS will be a TEAM effort! 

I printed, laminated and cut out the Crowns and Castles.  The "BOARD" is a set of FOAM FLOOR BLOCKS.  I have used these FOAM FLOOR BLOCK for SEVERAL different games!!! 

Next week we will REVIEW this lesson and the KIDDOS will do their EXPLORER JOURNAL Activity.  For this activity I decided to use a MAP.  The KIDDOS will add the ARROW first.  I have attached DOUBLE STICK FOAMY DOTS to the arrows.  So, they are sort of 3D!  Then the KIDDOS will get to attach an "ISRAELITE" that can be moved from ISRAEL to ASSYRIA. 

I will do my best to EXPLAIN how I accomplished this activity.  I started out be printing my map onto cardstock.  I then used a hole punch and punched two holes into the cardstock.  One near "Israel" and one up by "Assyria."  Then I used an exacto knife and cut out the arch shape.  That is where the KIDDOS will put their Israelite. 

NOW, about those little Israelites.  I bought these from Oriental Trading.

I do NOT receive any FUNDING, COMPENSATION or PERKS from Oriental Trading Company.  I am posting this link as a service to my readers. 

This is what I did to these FINGER PUPPETS.  I started off using my hole punch and punched a hole in the BACK of each of these...Then I punched a hole through a MILK CAP.  (I told you I SAVE everything---you NEVER know when you will NEED IT!!!)     I threaded a GOLD BRAD through the Milk Cap and into the BACK of each of the "Israelites."  I folded the Brad down inside the cavity of the Finger Puppet.  The MILK CAP serves as a WASHER that allows the PUPPET to be slid up and down on the MAP.    I am THRILLED with how these turned OUT!!!!! 

This is how the BACK of the Activity Looks.
I LOVE the way it looks from the FRONT!

Teaching the DIVIDED KINGDOM to 4-6 year olds is NOT without its challenges!!!  BUT, It has been so much FUN teaching them these AMAZING LESSONS!!!!  They have learned sooo much and always AMAZE me with their ability to apply and remember what they have learned.  
It is truly a BLESSING BEING a BIBLE CLASS TEACHER!  I am THANKFUL to GOD for allowing me the opportunity to teach  KIDDOS HIS WORD! 




  1. I wish I was in your Sunday School class growing up! I love your ideas. If you ever publish your own curriculum, I will buy it!

  2. Thanks Jen...I LOVE teaching KIDDOS GOD'S WORD!!!!