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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Lap Book Activity from the 2nd-4th Grade Class

I love being able to highlight some of our other teacher's work and ideas.  We are blessed, at our congregation, to have very creative,  dedicated and talented teachers.  

I have previously highlighted the BEAUTIFUL LAPBOOKS that our 2nd-4th grade class have made.  This is their LATEST Lapbookk.  They have been leaning about the Divided Kingdom, The Captivity and the Return.    The LAPBOOK in not part of the curriculum that they is a SUPPLEMENTAL project that the teachers use to further the KIDDOS understanding and excitement about the lessons they are learning.  Just so you know we use the Discovering God's Way Curriculum, for this age group.  It can be purchased at  CEI BOOKSTORE

Please note, I do not receive any financial support from the above mentioned bookstore.  NOR do they pay to be advertised here on my website.  I am just including a link to their website in case you are interested in their materials. 

On a personal note, my youngest son in in this class and he  LOVES his  Lapbook.  Several times, through out the quarter, he has asked me to come in his classroom and SEE what they are adding to their LAPBOOKS! I love it that HE is so excited....but, HE IS NOT ALONE!!!  I have heard several of the other KIDDOS ask their parents to come in and see their LAPBOOK!!!  I love it when KIDDOS are excited about their Bible Class!!!  

These LAPBOOKS are made from FILE FOLDERS, COPYABLE pictures, CLIP ART  and Previously USED DGW lesson books.  As you all know, I am a KEEPER---NOT A HOARDER (please do NOT call that show to report me!!!)

I KEEP ALL previously USED BIBLE CLASS BOOKS!!!  So often we will have 2 or 3 books that are PARTIALLY used --visitors, people move, books got lost then found, etc.  Well, we KEEP them all!!!  Then we can go through and CUT out USEFUL PICTURES, MAPS, CHARTS, etc.  They are GREAT for LAPBOOKS!!!!  We have even had Parents offer back their KIDDOS OLDER USED BOOKS....that way the pictures can get USED for some other PURPOSE!!! 

We are also blessed to have several Copyable coloring books, puzzle books, activity books, clip art books, etc.  These have proven to be a wonderful resource for the teachers using LAPBOOKS as a teaching tool. 

The KIDDOS LOVE anything that MOVES, OPENS, LIFTS, HAS TEXTURE, or is 3D!!  The teachers try to add this to their LAPBOOKS.  

LAPBOOKS do not have to be expensive to make!  Matter-of-Fact they are a very inexpensive activity to do with the KIDDOS.  

Velcro DOTS, FOAM MOUNTING STICKERS, POM POM BALLS, and 3D OBJECTS make these LAPBOOKS come to LIFE!!!  Most of the items came from the Resource Room we have at the church building. 

These LAPBOOKS are really beautiful.  BUT, the REAL benefit to them--THE KIDDOS REALLY KNOW THEIR BIBLE HISTORY!!!    I am so impressed by the KIDDOS ability to WALK me through the HISTORY of the KINGDOM'S FALL, CAPTIVITY and RETURN!!! 

One of the KIDDOS favorite stories was the VALLEY of DRY BONES---  Well, just after Halloween, I was in Walmart and they had those GUMMY, STRETCHY Skeletons REALLY CHEAP!!! (They were marked 75% off!)   

Because I was aware that the KIDDOS in Sister Decker's Classroom were going to be learning this lesson I bought a BUNCH of these!!!!  They worked GREAT and the KIDDOS loved the GUMMY, STRETCHY Skeletons!!---  Ask other teachers if there is anything they are needing!  You just might have what they need or find what they need....WE NEED TO HELP EACH OTHER!!!  :-)

I would suggest you keep a supply of FAKE coins in your Resourses...I bought a BAG of colorful plastic COINS at a yardsale a LONG time ago!!!  We have used them for SEVERAL different Bible Stories, Crafts, Take Home Projects, etc.  and I still have a BUNCH left!!!


I LOVE how this HUGE LAPBOOK fold up into this NICE SIZE TREASURE!!!  This is a wonderful ENRICHING activity to do with KIDDOS!!!  You will be AMAZED at how much the KIDDOS LEARN and HOW EXCITED they GET about LEARNING while making a LAPBOOK!!!  




  1. Thank you for posting such detailed pictures of these, Ronda! Your inspiration has led me to do a similar style lapbook for the book of Exodus which my class (gr.3-5) is studying now. They are turning out great and the kids really love them. I'm happy that they will have the lessons from Exodus all in one neat package to look through over and over. Thanks again!

  2. Oh Rhonda, I am SOO impressed!!! I don't think I have ever seen such well put together presentations ever! I am seriously looking for a creation I can make at home, to assist my 5 year old in learning more about the bible. Not necessarily a cirriculum but I'd love to use your thoughts on a great start for a first time LapBook creation for my littles, at home :D Thank you