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Friday, November 9, 2012

Save The TRASH!!!

If you follow me on FACEBOOK you already know all about this....I want to encourage you to USE it ALL!!!  

You see, I use a LOT of Sticky Foam Dots.  I LOVE the 3D effect that these Foam Dots give to items on pages.  

But, I have a little secret.  I SAVE all the pieces that the DOTS are POPPED out of....Because, it can serve as a large POP up Sticker.  

I am showing you how I used the "TRASH" from the Foam Dots...on a recent EXPLORER JOURNAL Activity.    Matter-of-fact, if you will look at the lesson that I recently taught...about Elisha and the Woman from will see a BED that POPS up off the page....Well, this is EXACTLY how I did it...I attached one of these to the back of every one of the beds....the KIDDOS peel off the exposed paper and stick it to their activity.  

I am NOT brand, some of my "TRASH" stickers look like the one above and some look like this.   It does not seem to make a difference....I have had really good luck using all of types.  

This still has paper on it...the KIDDO will peel the paper off and attach it to their EXPLORER JOURNAL ACTIVITY.  

Here is a FINISHED product...The bed POPS off the Paper...and because I used "TRASH" it keeps the cost down and makes my individual DOTS last longer.  

Just wanted to encourage you to THINK before you PITCH items into the trash....Sometimes YOU get a little more out of the money you spend...IF YOU THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.  



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