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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cookie Container/Fiery Furnace

If you remember a few weeks ago I shared with you a "WORK in PROGRESS..."   I hope this PICTURE will help you remember.

Well, I finally got around to doing what I wanted to do...  YOU see, I had in mind a Fiery Furnace for the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.   I do not know why...but, one day while looking at these container...(I HAD SAVED A LOT OF THEM FROM OUR SUMMER TRIP) the idea of a Fiery Furnace HIT ME...and I could NOT get it off my mind.    It will be a LOOOOOOONG time before I get to teach this lesson to my KIDDOS....but, I decided to go ahead and MAKE this and share the idea with you all...That way if you happen to be approaching this might wanna try this.  

I had done  some preliminary work...but, I knew I was NO where near finished.  Well, today was a BEAUTIFUL day here in OKLAHOMA....not much, I decided to take this outside and PAINT it....  I used spray paint that I had in my supplies...THERE WAS NO COST!!!!  YAY!!!  And, I LOVE the SANDY Color.

After is sat in the sun for a while..... I added the BLOCK detail with a SHARPIE.    I REALLY wanted to use POLY FIBER FILL for the SMOKE...sadly, I did NOT have any...but, I had TONS of COTTON BALLS...So, for now, I used them.  I did  sort of STRIKE a brown marker on the cotton balls to make them look more smokey.  :-)

NOW, for the inside view...I used COOL CLIP clip art  for the MEN and added some  extra FLAMES...   When we do this in class...the KIDDOS will color their MEN and FLAMES...then my co-teacher and I will help them GLUE them in the cup. 
I also, added some smaller flames--right inside the helps hide the base of the little candle light.  

I love    COOL CLIPART  The little BIBLE CHARACTERS are KIDDO friendly.  I  did add some EXTRA flames from my clipart program...

I took a few pics. in the try to show how COOL this looks...but, I am afraid the pictures do not do it justice....I LOVE the way these GLOW a redish/orangeish color.  I am NOW super excited about teaching this lesson in the future!!!!!

OH, by the way...since I wanted the KIDDOS to be able to TURN this ON and OFF...I cut a circle in the yellow lid...which is now the that they can use the SWITCH on the little tea light. 

Hope this inspires you to THINK before you PITCH it in the TRASH!!!!   "FREE resources" are all around us.




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  2. I just did this story and I wish I would have remembered to look here for ideas. I will still make though for a review. Wonderful idea.