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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Milk Cap Mania!!!!! Bible Games and Reviews Made from Bottle Caps!!!!

I have a place in the classroom for the parents to deposit the Milk Caps. 
As you can see, I have be collecting milk caps for a while now.  

I knew I wanted to do something FUN with them!!!!!  

So, today was the day!!!!


Milk Cap Creation Review
Milk Cap Creation in ORDER!!!
I decided to make a few REVIEW games for the kiddos.   I have plans to make a WHOLE lot more.   The possibilities are ENDLESS!!!!!!  

Milk Cap10 Plagues Review

Milk Cap 10 Plagues in ORDER!!!
I am excited because the kiddos LOVE anything that they can pick up and touch!!!  

Milk Cap Plan of Salvation
Milk Cap Plan of Salvation in ORDER!
I used my clipart program & Avery's  circle stickers.  This was such a simple thing to do.  In about an hour I made all of these!!!!!  The kiddos will get to do them in the morning as our EAA!!!  EAA stands for Early Arrival Activity.  

Milk Cap God's Plan for Man.
God's Plan for man in ORDER!!!!
This is a CHEAP REVIEW Game!!!  Just asks your parents to bring in the caps.    

I have so many more REVIEW GAMES running through my head.  I can't wait to make them for the kiddos.  Examples:  BOOKS OF THE BIBLE, DIVISIONS OF THE BIBLE (LAW, HISTORY, POETRY, MAJOR PROPHETS, MINOR PROPHETS, GOSPELS, HISTORY, EPISTLES, PROPHECY.), THE 15 JUDGES, 10 COMMANDMENTS, FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT, APOSTLES, 3 PROMISES TO ABRAHAM, 12 SONS OF JACOB, ETC.    Sooooo many possibilities!!!!!!!!!   I LOVE inexpensive, FUN, and informative REVIEW GAMES!!!!!!!!

My encouragement this week is to "THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX."  Before you throw something away, ask yourself...."Could I make something for teaching Bible Class with this?"    It works for me....I save some pretty STRANGE things....and I LOVE it when and IDEA WORKS!!!!!




  1. How did you make those numbers for the 10 plagues?

  2. Where do you get all of your clip art? I love your dedication! You inspire me!

  3. Would you be able to send me the Samuel in bed craft. Thanks so much!