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Friday, April 22, 2011

God Called Samuel Exploring Bible History

The kiddos are sooo excited about this "NEW" material.  We are truly on an EXPLORATION!  I love it when their eyes light up in AWE about what they are hearing from GOD'S Word.  

Our recent lesson was about GOD calling Samuel.  I reminded the kiddos that GOD did NOT speak directly to the Fathers (as HE had done during the Patriarchal time) because, HE had given Moses HIS Law for the Hebrews.  So, when GOD called Samuel it was a VERY SPECIAL EVENT!

Our TAKE HOME activity was Samuel in bed. The children LOVED being able to slide Samuel's  eyes open and shut.  As they pulled the top slide Samuel's eyes opened and the Scripture reference "Speak Lord for your servant's listening..."  1 Samuel 3,  would appear on the bedding.    Each of the kiddos bed looked different...I love it when the girls choose PINK for bedding and the boys choose BLUE!  So typical!  LOL

I decided this would be an appropriate Memory Verse...We ALL have ears and we ALL need to be listening to GOD'S WORD! 

We sang the Memory Verse to the tune:  "B-I-N-G-O."  Most of the kiddos had the verse memorized before leaving the classroom.  I know I sang it ALL week long.  There is something about putting verses to a familiar tune that helps with memorizing them.  If you have NEVER tried putting a verse to a childhood tune, I suggest you give it a will be amazed at how easy it is to memorize Scripture this way.  

Our Review/Game was a LISTENING GAME.  
I purchased the little cups and the Yellow/Red Game pieces at the Dollar Tree.  (The game pieces came out of a TOPPLE type game.)

I wrote a song for this lesson called,
"God Was Calling Samuel."  I sang the song to the children...each time they heard me sing "GOD" they had to put a yellow game piece in their cup.  Each time they heard me sing "Samuel" they had to put a red game piece in their cup.  THEY LOVED THIS GAME!!!!!!  They wanted to play it OVER and OVER and OVER again!!!!!  So, we decided to change out the "What to listen for..."  I was sort of surprised at how much they LOVED playing this.  This is one game I will try to work into other lessons!  I LOVE it when something so inexpensive is soooo effective!!!
Our EAA, which stands for EARLY ARRIVAL ACTIVITY was the WHITE BOARDS/DRAWING activity.  (I really need to post some of the pictures that they have drawn.)  The LOVE drawing on the personal sized white, I am going to keep it up for a few more Sunday's .....However, I did include some of the MILK CAP MANIA....and they WHIZZED right through them!!!!  I was soooo pleased with how many of the kiddos are REMEMBERING what they have learned!!!!  The  EEAs allow me to "TEST" the kiddos knowledge....and let me know if I need to review something, correct something or even re-teach something.  My EAA's have to have a purpose...or I would NOT use them.  I never want something to STEAL away my precious 45 minutes of teaching time! 

On Wednesday Evening the kiddos colored  a picture of Samuel in bed.  They added the bedpost (colored craft sticks) and a POP-UP speech bubble with "Samuel, Samuel" on it.  Again, the differences in each of their activities is so unique to their personality.  Some of the girl's added flowers to the blanket....and one of the boy's made his blanket have a camouflage type pattern.  I LOVE their unique individuality!!!  
GOD blesses me ro richley through these little ones!

For a VISUAL aid I decided to make a LARGE version of the TAKE HOME project....The kiddos LOVED pulling the slide on this one....  I used it while telling the story...I believed this helped the kiddos when it came time to make their own...they had already seen this work so the knew what to do.    When I can't find a VISUAL aid in my resources, clip art, or FREE online, I will MAKE IT MYSELF...LOL

We have already been so busy.  The kiddos amaze me each week.... Our main review questions this week were:  Who was the Strong Judge?  Who was the Judge after Samson?  What other "job's" did Eli have?  Who was Samuel's mom? Who was Samuel's dad?  Where did Hannah go to pray?  What did Eli think about Hannah when he saw her praying?  In what city was the Tabernacle?  What did Hannah promise GOD?  Did Hannah keep her promises?  What did Hannah bring Samuel each year?  Can children be servants to the LORD?  They knew ALL the answers!!!!!!  I was soooo pleased!!!!!  I  feel soooo blessed to be a BIBLE CLASS teacher!!!!   Next week we will be going on a "KING HUNT."  




  1. I really like the Samuel in bed craft - where did you find it? Thanks in advance!

  2. Thanks, I designed it on my computer...we are working on a way of having some of my crafts downloadable....this site will always be a bit of a work in progress. :)

  3. Can't wait for you to get your templates posted! They are awesome!

  4. Hey Ronda! Is there any way that you could either post or e-mail the actual "teacher" directions for the craft!?! I love this idea and I'm doing this story Sunday! I'd love to be able to do this craft with the kids! It would be even more awesome if I could download the actual artwork that you designed!! Any ideas!?! Brenda :-)

  5. I have the same question. I'm not too crafty, but I can follow directions :)


  6. Is it possible to get directions for making this great craft? I would be so happy to have them and make it with my children in Sabbath school? Thanks in advance! Nevena

  7. I was wondering if I could get a copy of the lyrics to "God Was Calling Samuel." I see them in the photo, but I can't see the last few lines. I would love to use this game in our class.

  8. Hi wanted to know if I could get template of Samuel in bed. My email is Thanks!

  9. Here is a link to a very similar print out that I found!

  10. Ronda..can you please also send me this template coz I always struggle with in advance..your works are wonderful..

  11. Hello. I wondered if you would be able to email me your template. All of the pictures I see are yours but when I go to get the print out it's different.
    my email is Thank you so much.

  12. Hi,
    Can you also send the template of Samuel sleeping. I'm teaching this Sunday.
    Super cute materials!!
    Thanks and God bless,

  13. Would love to have the template for the Samuel craft if you could email it to me. We're doing this lesson next Sunday.Thank you so much!

  14. Would love the template for Samuel craft this would be perfect to add to the lesson we are doing in 3 weeks if you could send me an email that would be great thank you so much

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  16. I would love to have the templates for these activities. It's the next lesson for my bible class kiddos. My email is

  17. Could you please email me the Samuel in Bed template? My email is

  18. Would appreciate the templates for the Samuel crafts for my Children's Church Class. Thank you very much.