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Thursday, February 17, 2011


I was recently asked what our "Explorer Journals" looked like..So, I decided to dedicate an entire post so that you could see what I call our Explorer Journal. 

Our "Explorer Journals" are basically binders filled with plastic page protector sheets.  The children fill the page protectors with their Craft/Activity that they make on Wednesday Evening.  

I have found that this makes a great way to keep up with all their HARD WORK...and the parents  seem to love the books...They are great for reviewing past lessons.  The Explorer Journal has also put a stop to the ripped, trampled, thrown in the floor board of the car, crafts.  I personally feel if the project takes time to make then it should be saved and treasured.  So, the Explorer Journal was my answer to those little problems.  

Our BLUE Binder is our Book of Genesis Explorer Journal...Here are pictures of one of my students completed Explorer Journal.

Creation Match Up.  3D matching using colorful yarn.

Adam and Eve... 3D stickers.
Sin Lesson... 3D stretchy snake.

  Cain & Able...ROCKS & STICKERS

   Noah's Ark--Sequence Cards
Tower of Babel---Building blocks.

Abraham Fill in with Stickers.
Lot and Wife...rock salt added to "wife."

Fur added to Jacob
Angles and 3D Ladder

Put in Order the Lessons We've Learned.   Stars added for Abraham's Family.

Rocks Added to Well. Sons of Jacob.

Joseph's Colorful Coat.  Gold paint Pharaoh.                 

Explorer Journal for Exodus

Joshua & Judges Explorer Journal

Armor of God/Fruit Of The Spirit 
Explorer Journal

Hope this answers the questions about what we call our "EXPLORER JOURNAL."    The children enjoy collecting all their hard work together and LOVE looking back at all the lessons they have learned.  




  1. Luv this idea..want to start through the 66 starting in Jan. May start a mini book in Oct. Say title 90 days/12 weeks of Bible excursions.

  2. Love your work and dedication!
    I have one question where can I get a print out of each activity so I can start an explorer journal too :)

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  4. Do you have links to the worksheets that you use in the Genesis notebook ?