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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fruit of the Spirit-----Goodness

I am enjoying the challenge of teaching the Fruit of The Spirit attributes to the children.  The children have been enjoying the various Bible "Stories" that we have been using to learn the attributes.    Since I normally teach in a chronological style, this material is challenging me to "think outside the box."

Our recent lesson was about the attribute of "GOODNESS."  I decided to use the Bible account of the little boy that shared his food.  The story of the Five Loaves of Bread and Two Fish from John 6:1-14.  I put the focus on the little boy doing GOOD by sharing his food with Jesus.    I wanted the children to realize that they are able to DO GOOD DEEDS just like the little boy in the story did.   I LOVE it when I am able to find a BIBLE story that contains a just helps the kiddos relate.
Our TAKE HOME activity was a folded (origami style) basket.  Then the kiddos colored 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish....they enjoyed filling the basket with their bread and fish. 

Our memory verse this week was  Hebrews 13:16.  I explained that the need for us to BE GOOD.  I explained that to share is being good.I then drew the connection from the memory verse to the little boy in the lesson.  HE SHARED AND HE WAS GOOD. 

The Game/Activity for this week was a MEMORY VERSE game....I made cards with loaves of bread on the back (5 cards) and two cards with fish on them.  The children answered a question from the lesson and then picked a loaf or a fish card to turn over.  After all the cards were turned over we all worked together to put the MEMORY VERSE in the correct order. 

We added three new words to our "WORD WALL."  We added the words: MULTITUDE, GOOD and MIRACLE.  The children love learning  "BIG PEOPLE" words.  

On  Wed. Evenings the children do an activity that they add to their EXPLORER JOURNAL.  For this story they colored the picture  of the little boy holding his basket.  Then they  added the "loaves and fish."  The loaves are oyster crackers and the fish are goldfish.  They LOVED this project.

I am enjoying writing and teaching this material.  I LOVE seeing the children get excited about what we are learning.  My prayer is that the children I am teaching will always LOVE learning lessons from the BIBLE!




  1. I´d love so much to have these materials for download, Ronda! Could you share in your Blog?
    I´m a Sunday School teacher in Brasil, SouthAmerica.
    Our children would be so excited with such great materials!!
    God bless you!

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  3. What a fun lesson! Thank you for sharing your ideas, they gave me a lot of inspiration!

  4. So amazing! I recently became a Sunday school teacher and I’m always trying to find fun ways to teach lessons. Your ideas are so great, thanks for sharing!

  5. Your fun origami "basket" idea is great! I am filling in as Sunday School teacher tomorrow on Fruit of the Spirit 'goodness' glad I found this. Many Thanks!