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Sunday, July 25, 2010

New Attendance Chart Board.... Time for Summer and Bee-ing in Bible Class

Today the Kiddos were greeted with a new Attendance Chart Board.  We had
"promotions" a few Sundays back, so I had a few students move out and two "new" students added to our class.    

The children LOVED the flower pot attendance "charts."  So, I decided I would follow them up with a Summertime themed attendance chart.  

This came together while I was at my local Dollar Tree.  I saw the cute little Bee picture frames and decided there and then that I wanted to do a BEE themed attendance board.  I love the fact that each of my students has their own picture in one of the Bees.  The children will add a BEE sticker to their hive each time they come to Bible Class.  The bottom of the hives says, ____________ loves BEE-ING in Bible Class.  The kiddos will take their hives and picture frame  home at the end of the quarter. 

I think it is an eye catching and attention grabbing board.   I love the BRIGHT yellow, red and black combination. 

The kiddo's reaction was priceless.  They LOVED the BEES and their pictures!!!!  

I hope it helps encourage them to BEE in Bible Class.



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