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Friday, July 30, 2010

Armor of God Exploring Bible History New Testament Lessons 2

I have been busy this week.  Still playing a bit of catch up since my daughter Sarah's wedding and vacation.  So, I  spent some time getting the kiddo's "Explorer Journals" made.  This quarter our Explorer Journals are light blue.  They match the time line boards that  are in our bible classes  hallway.

As I promised, I took a picture of our Map for this quarter.  The kiddos were excited that we are in a "New" location.  We have Rome and Ephesus clearly labeled on the map.

Since our lesson is all about the Breastplate of Righteousness, I decided we would make Breastplates.  Just seems logical...hehe.  The kiddos will decorate the front of their Breastplate anyway they want.  We will have pieces of paper, buttons, etc. available.  After they complete their Breastplate we (my helper and I) will help the kiddos get them on.  I know they will LOVE wearing them out of the classroom...and am looking forward to them telling the others all about the lesson.  Our lesson will be focusing on how we must live righteously.  We will use the Good Samaritan as one of our examples of choosing the righteous thing to do.

This is the kiddos memory verse card.  We will sing the memory verse to a little tune several times before the kiddos leave the classroom.  I am sure they will ALL have this memorized very quickly.  

One of the visuals we are using this quarter is a "flip chart" of the Armor of God.  This Flip Chart was made from the part of the package that my BIG Armor of God Soldier came from.  Instead of throwing away that little top portion of the package...I cut it up, printed out the name of each piece of the Armor...laid it up on the poster board, then laminated.  So, from TRASH to TREASURE.  Always check the packaging for useful pictures before discarding.  

OK, Sometimes thing just don't work.  I started out with this idea for the kiddos "Explorer Journal" activity.  I loved the look....but, it took WAY to many coins, and I did NOT have the time to cut each of these plastic coins for a total of 6-8 kiddos.  HUM, so what to do?  

Well, I went to Dollar Tree and purchased 4 silver shiny bags.  I took them back to the building and cut them up into pieces that would fit on my CRICUT.  I programmed in circles and let the machine do the work.  So, this will be the Explorer Journal Activity for this Wednesday Evening.  I wish I would have been able to do the other idea...I just like the 3D effect.....but, time is important....and the kiddos will love all this shiny paper.  So, sometimes I have to admit my limits and find an alternative.  I think this works.  

So, I guess my advice is, when something is taking WAY to long to come together....look for alternatives that will get the effect. 

Our Review Activity this week is the same as last week.  We are going to Get our Armor On.  The kiddos loved playing it last week, so I decided it would be good to repeat the game this week.  




  1. Again, do you have a file for your verse token? Also, can you post directions on how you made those breastplates that the kids could wear? The ones with circles, are those on 8 1/2 x 11 paper?

  2. Hi, I love your lessons on the Armor of God. How can I get copies of your printouts and Bible verse cards? Can I purchase them from you?


  3. I would love to use your Armor of God printables! Thank you!

  4. Will you please share your Armor of God printables? Thank you!

  5. I love your armor of God ideas. :) I also did the armor of God bible study with my children. It was so fun. :)