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Saturday, January 16, 2010

On Wednesday night, the children had a new teacher. She will still be teaching my materials. She will be reviewing the story we learned on Sunday with them and doing their Explorer Journal Activity.

This weeks Explorer Journal Activity is a Golden Calf Picture, The children colored the altar gold, using a gold paint pen, add a golden calf that had been pre-painted, and then added three things that might be idols in our lives.

The children enjoyed coloring with the paint pens.
They enjoyed gluing on the little golden calf and the 3 other "idols."

It is nice to have someone teaching for me on Wednesday Evenings, but, don't think I have given up teaching on Wednesday Nights. :-) The elders asked me to teach a class for young teen girls. I am excited about this class too, so I may do a bit of bloggin about that class as



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