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Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Golden Calf

The lesson about the Golden Calf was a hit with the kids. We learned how the Hebrews were impatient people and decided they wanted a god. Aaron made them a golden calf and they began to worship it. We talked about how having idols in our life is NEVER pleasing to God.

For the Sunday's Take Home Activity, the children made a "Golden Calf" Pop Up. The little calf was a wooden calf that we painted gold. The children colored a "Mount Sinai" in the background and added a cotton cloud to the top.

For a Visual Aide, I used the Mount Sinai diorama that I had made years ago. The paper dolls can be printed from I added a "golden calf" (a toy cow that I painted gold) placed upon a set of blocks that are painted gold with the word calf on them, for an altar.

The Memory Verse for this lesson is Psalms 97:7...we sang it to the tune "auld lang syne."

Our Review Game was this NO, NO IDOL! game. The children answered questions from the lesson and then pulled down a piece of the idol. The idol was velcroed to the poster board. The children LOVED pulling down this "idol."

My desire if that the children learn the stories and begin to apply some of what they learned. We talked about how anything that takes us away from God is an idol.




  1. Just found your site - thanks for the great ideas!

  2. This is wonderful! Thank you for these great ideas!

  3. Would you share your pattern for the pop up card? I would appreciate it.