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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Manna and Quail

Wow what a week...

We had a nice "Stay-cation" vacation. We were able to get a few things done around the house we needed to, sleeping in was nice.

However, this week I have be going full speed ahead...Prepping for the Bible Story where God provides food for the Hebrews. I decided to make a Ronda version of "manna." I used a pie crust cut into small circles...the children will make a "manna" basket and collect "manna" to go in their basket.

I have also made a jar of "manna" left till morning...I filled the jar with my "manna" and gummy worms. I am excited about this...I know the boys in my class will LOVE this part of the story.

I am also, briefly covering the events at Marah...where Moses tosses the tree into the water and it becomes sweet...and the story of Elim.....where they camped and had plenty of water and shade.

My main focus will be on how God always provides for HIS children and how HE sent the "Bread of Life" HIS son for us.

We will be playing a review game...where the children will either gather "manna" or quail...they will answer a question and then I will tell them it is night or morning....and they will have to gather
the correct item.

I will be adding a few pics of other ideas soon...over vacation the creative juices were still flowing...and I did manage to work on a few Bible Class ideas.




  1. Thank you for your awesome ideas. Best ones on the web!! I used it an had a great lesson!!! God bless!!!

  2. I had a manna recipe and can't find it now but seems like it was stick oleo , powdered sugar and flour but don't remember portions or if there was anything else. tried the oleo and honey over oyster crackers but here in Fla the humidity won't let it dry. Thanks for sharing your ideas and helping others.