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Monday, December 7, 2009

Star Studded Story Memory....

Decided to make this REVIEW System for the kids. At the end of class we have a few minutes that I use to review the lesson.

This way of reviewing involves the children picking a star wand...and then they have to answer the question on the star.

We did this activity for the first time this past Sunday. The children responded very well to this activity. They enjoyed
picking the stars out of the container and then answering the questions.

To make this I used my color printer...printed out the stars with the
questions on them. Glued them to foam...and attached them to a
(dowel rod) wand.

The Star Holder....was made from a pringles can...I just wrapped it in paper...with the words STAR STUDDED STORY MEMORY...on it.

This was a quick and easy, yet effective review system to make.

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