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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Construction Themed Memory Verse Trackers!!!

Our New Quarter Just Begun!!!  We officially Welcomed two new students!!!  We are always excited to have new KIDDOS in our class!!  

With a new Quarter and new KIDDOS we are changing things up a bit.  We have a new TOPIC to explore!!  More on that in the next post.  With a new topic comes new MEMORY VERSES to learn.  

So, I decided I wanted a fun "new" way to track those Memorized Memory Verses.  


Well, I was walking though Dollar Tree, when I happened to find some Construction Vehicles and then I found some Construction Site Stickers!!! And, thus the idea began to grow.    I think the KIDDOS will love adding their Sticker, each time they get a verse memorized.  Some of the stickers are 3-D while others are a typical sticker.  I will take pictures as the KIDDOS progress through this quarter.  

I made up the Title Banners, hard hat, construction signs and Tracker Cards on my Computer.  I printed them on cardstock. Laminated the Title Banners, hard hat,  and signs. The KIDDOS Tracker Cards are not laminated.  

We had the Bulletin Board Border in the church resource room!!!  I used glue DOTS to add the plastic construction Vehicles to the Border. 

As I was preparing this "board," I was thinking I wanted a BIG CONSTRUCTION VEHICLE to hold my stickers. Well, when I was at Walmart, I found the BIG Dump Truck that is sitting on top of the shelf.  (It was $10.) I know some KIDDOS that will LOVE to play with it once I am done using it.  

I am looking forward to this NEW QUARTER!!!  LOTS of fun LEARNING from the WORD of GOD!!!



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