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Saturday, July 8, 2017


 My family and I are traveling....we have away from our residents for more than 2 weeks and still have a week to go.....traveling is fun, but I do miss being home!!   With that being said, our journey took us through the town of Athens, Alabama.    I was excited for one reason and one reason ONLY!! You see, CEI BOOKSTORE is in Athens, Alabama.  I asked my beloved hubby if we could stop for me to look around.    He obliged.  I was soooooo happy!!!  

I wanted to share some of the fun things things I saw!!  BTW, I do not receive any financial benefit from this posting.  I am simply posting about this so as to help my readers find things they might be looking for for their KIDDOS.  

I must apologize for the picture quality of some of these pics.  I was using my phone and was sort of distracted by so MANY Bible Teaching Treasures.    

I was excited to see that they had some of the Bible Characters that we use in our classrooms.  We use these for telling stories, letting the KIDDOS tell stories and for the 2-4 year olds Bucket Bible Lessons Manipulatives.    These go great with the ones you often find at Dollar Tree.  

They also had EARTH balls...These are great when teaching on Creation.  We have some of these in our 2-4 years old Bible Buckets Lessons!!  

 BOOKS, BOOKS and MORE BOOKS!!!  I love having BOOKS on hand for help with telling Bible Stories.  They have great VISUALS and are a wonderful thing to have on hand for your Substitute Teachers and Early Arrivers!!!  

They had coloring  books, copyable books, activity books, and sooo much more!!!  I wish I had several hours to pursue through all their BOOKS!!! 

The KIDDOS would love looking  in this area of the store!!!


I LOVED the small books for little ones and the Card Games!!!  

They even had a large Noah's Ark Playset and Jesus and His Apostles Playset.  (I actually own one of these---thanks to one of my blog followers that sent it to me as a gift.)  

And TA-DA, this is what we purchased!!!  My hubby bought the book on Isaiah and the rest is for my KIDDOS!!!  Can't wait to use them in Bible Class with my KIDDOS!!!!

Again, JUST FOR CLARITY...I do not receive any compensation for this post.  I simply posted for my readers hoping it might benefit them in their search for Bible Class Materials.  




  1. Ronda,
    Thanks so much for sharing this information! We are very grateful for the kind words! I really enjoyed meeting you and your husband. The CEI Bookstore & Truth Publications, Inc. team appreciate the good work you do very much! God bless!
    Lance Taylor
    Bookstore Manager
    Truth Publications/CEI Bookstore

    1. It was truly my pleasure. I wish I would have had several hours to look through your treasure trove of Bible Class Materials.