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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Twelve Sons of Jacob

We recently had a lesson about the 12 Sons of Jacob.  I love teaching about Joseph and his brothers.  The KIDDOS seem to get excited about how BIG of a family Jacob had.  

This LESSON introduces a LOT of names.  Some are easy for the KIDDOS to remember and some are very difficult.    We practice the names of the Sons of Jacob through SONS, CHANTS, RHYMES and GAMES.  Since memorizing the Sons of Jacob is an opportunity for the KIDDOS to earn a  BIBLE BADGE...we work hard during this lesson to GET THOSE NAMES memorized.  :-)

Our Visual Aid... 12 Sons    3D puff containers  were very helpful in the KIDDOS memorizing the names of the 12 Sons of Jacob.  

I also, have cards made up that share the meaning of each of the son's names along with their mother and their birth order number. 

Its amazing how quickly the KIDDOS seemed to remember the meaning of each of the son's names.

This is one of the songs we sing that helps the KIDDOS memorize the names of Jacob's sons in birth order.  

The KIDDOS memory verse was Psalm 127:3. This is one of my FAVORITE Bible Verses!!!  

The KIDDOS made a Dodecahedron for their TAKE HOME project.   It is a 12 sided object and they added sticker of each son of Jacob.  

The sticker pictures are made using clip art by Phillip Martin.   I did have to cut around and make some WORK.  :-)   Bible Clip Art  

I added names and ran them through my sticker maker machine.  The KIDDOS LOVED adding the stickers!!!!  Just to keep the Dodecahedron from collapsing we stuffed each one with tissue paper.       The KIDDOS did have to have a WORD of Warning...NO THROWING them in the church building.  

The following week the KIDDOS made these for their EXPLORER JOURNAL ACTIVITY.    We call them 12 Sons Flip Flaps Activity.

I did all the slicing of the doors/flaps...the KIDDOS colored the pictures of the Sons of Jacob as we sang their names.

 Here are a few more VISUALS that I used during these lessons.  I have had these for SEVERAL years.  I made them a long time ago.

I also had this visual on the table.  I used it as we sang the names, reviewed their name meaning or recalled their birth order.

This is a "fun" lesson to teach KIDDOS.  They seem to be drawn into this BIG FAMILY.  They enjoyed learning the meaning of each son's name and earning their BADGE for knowing the names!!!




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