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Friday, April 18, 2014

Noah Builds the Ark

Our "DO YOU KNOW?" wall is all ready for this weeks lesson. We are still progressing through Genesis.  We will be learning all about NOAH and the ARK.  Due to some travel plans, the KIDDOS will be getting an extra week on this lesson. I LOVE teaching about NOAH and the ARK.  So many LIFE LESSONS can be learned through the LIFE on NOAH. FAITH, LOVE, DETERMINATION, PATIENCE, TRUST, GRACE, OBEDIENCE, ETC. 

This is our Time Line Card for our  "GOD'S AWESOME PLAN FOR MAN," TIMELINE.  

I am using "OLD" VISUALS for this lesson.  I have had these LARGE VISUALS for years!!!  The KIDDOS seem to really like them...maybe it is because they are about 3 feet, they are pretty close to the KIDDOS height.  :-)

The KIDDOS will be learning two NEW songs....The first one is "ARK OF GOPHER WOOD" by Ronda Duvall.  The second one is called "GOD KEEPS HIS PROMISES"  by Ronda Duvall.   Both of these songs are in the Bible Songs For Children Song Book by Ronda Duvall.    

The KIDDOS Memory Verse comes from our LESSON TEXT.  We will sing this to the tune: "Roll The Gospel Chariot Along."

Our MAP wall is slowly filling in with "PLACES" of interest.  

The KIDDOS will be making an ARK as their TAKE HOME project. It is made out of CARDSTOCK and will be easily assembled....after which the KIDDOS will add ANIMAL STICKERS to their ARK.  They will glue a DOVE to the top and add a PAIR of ANIMAL (ERASERS) to the INSIDE of the ARK.  

I designed the ARK...I will have the KIDDOS color the ARK and then my helper and I will help them assemble the ARK.  (BTW, the entire time the KIDDOS are working on their TAKE HOME project, we REVIEW the LESSON. I ask questions we sing the songs, we let the KIDDOS ask questions.   NEVER STOP TEACHING!!)  

The ANIMAL stickers came from DOLLAR TREE.  The DOVES are "wedding decorations." I have had them for a long time. 

I wanted the KIDDOS to have some animals to put "IN" their ARK....I found these ANIMAL ERASERS at the DOLLAR TREE and decided they would work fine!!!


I use a Fisher Price Little People Ark....I purchased this a LOOOONG time ago. I bought it at a GARAGE SALE for $3!!!  I LOVE IT!! If you are looking for one, I often, see them at THRIFT STORES.

This is how we will PLAY the game.  The KIDDOS will chose an ANIMAL to put on the ARK....To put them on the ARK they have to answer the question under the animal they chose and then find it's mate and answer the question under it.  If they answer BOTH questions correctly they get to put the PAIR of animals on the ARK!!

Next Week is REVIEW WEEK.  So, the KIDDOS will be making THESE to add to their EXPLORER JOURNALS. They are simple sequence cards....they are attached with velcro.  

I printed the sequence card in full color, so the KIDDOS will not have to color them...but, will be allowed to color the NUMBER BOARD if they would like.  I used CLIP ART to make the sequence cards.  

We have been enjoying learning about Creation, Adam and Eve and their sons....I know they will enjoy learning about NOAH and the ARK.  




  1. Do you make your own cards for the Do You Know wall, or are there cards or a template available somewhere for purchase?

  2. Did you use just one sheet of card stock or was there more then one sheet Can you give me the dementions please I'm teaching Noahs ark the next two Weds I' trying to find something that my older chidren can do and aso simple enough for the 3 yr olds I've got 3-6 year olds