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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Toddler Class Updates!!!

I LOVE seeing PROGRESS and EXCITEMENT build in both the KIDDOS and the TEACHERS!!!  

I recently mentioned that our congregation has had an EXPLOSION of KIDDOS, which created a WONDERFUL "problem."  We had to EXPAND our classes!!!!  We ended up needing to split the Nursery Class and thus creating a TODDLER Class!

The Teachers and KIDDOS LOVE the BUCKET system!!!  We are still EXPANDING the BUCKET LESSONS, adding more and more BIBLE STORY BUCKETS!!!  With that being said, we are going to go get two more bookcases!!!  We LOVE how this system has been working!!!  

The teachers have been busy adding VISUALS to the walls.  So, I thought I would SHARE with you some of the progress.  

They recently put up the NEW TESTAMENT Bible Characters!!!  

The Teachers have added MORE and MORE items to the "DAYS OF CREATION" wall!  I LOVE it!!!

As you can tell, we USED what we had...we just turned a bookcase on its side...that gave the teachers and KIDDOS a nice storage area for puzzles, games and extra needed items

The KIDDOS LOVE the "Choo Choo Train/Bible Song."  Knowing how much they LOVE that song, the teachers decided to hang a TRAIN on the wall---the train has POCKET CARS and in the POCKETS are Laminated Cards with the Books of The Bible Printed on them.    

During "CARPET TIME," the KIDDOS will get to put the BOOKS in the correct BOX CAR.  The Teacher will be very HANDS ON during this activity!!!  

I LOVE this KID FRIENDLY Bible.  It has very IMPORTANT information coded on it...These are Bible FACTS that the teachers review with the KIDDOS each class period!!

NOTICE that we even have "GOD'S AWESOME PLAN FOR MAN" on the wall in this Bible Class room.  It allows the teachers to mention the TIME PERIOD and GOD'S PLAN as they review.  (Of course this is done a very SIMPLE level.) I love that the KIDDOS see these displayed in EVERY classroom!!  

I LOVE this IDEA!!!  Each FISH has a BUBBLE. The teachers have REVIEW QUESTIONS for the KIDDOS.  Such as, How many books are in the BIBLE? What did GOD make on day 4?  etc. When the KIDDOS are able to answer the questions they get to add a FUN little sticker to their FISHES Bubble. The KIDDOS LOVE THIS!!!

The teachers have a wall prepared for the KIDDOS---they are getting ready to FOCUS on NOAH'S ARK!!!  I LOVE the 3D!!

I LOVE the progress they are making with this class!!!  We are BLESSED to have dedicated and motivated teachers!!!  



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  1. I appreciate your help. You have changed my way of thinking. Every time I go somewhere in stores I look for things to use for bible class. Like the bible characters you've gotten at $tree. I've found 3 but looked up on line for the products from the company and they are expensive. thank you for inspiring us to do better teaching God's word.