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Monday, April 29, 2013

Baby Toy Turned Bible Time Period Review!!! Early Arriver Activity

I was SO excited when I found this little GEM at the Dollar General Store!!!!   I have seen different STACKING toys...but this one was PERFECT!!!  It is PERFECT because it came with 10 Stacking Cups!!!!!  You see,  I needed exactly 10 cups for what I wanted to "TURN IT IN TO."  

I wanted this to be a QUICK and FUN way for the KIDDOS to PRACTICE putting the  "GOD'S PLAN for MAN" in order.  It will be a GREAT way to REVIEW with all the KIDDOS....OR a great independent, Early Arriver Activity.  (EAA)

Before Time Began...GOD had a plan!
 I used PRINTABLE sticker paper to make this activity.  As, you can see I did add a STICKER in the CENTER of each of these CUPS.  That allows for discussion of this time period and an easy way for KIDDOS to remember the events surrounding the 'TIME Period.'

Patriarchal Time Period
Mosaical Time Period
Each of these STACK up on each other!!  So simple and yet, so useful. 
The Kings/United and Divided
I am thinking we may even play a game with these...I will pass out the CUPS and then we will see if the KIDDOS can figure out WHO has then next TIME period to STACK UP.  

Back Home in Judah
It will be a GREAT WAY to REVIEW/TEST the KIDDOS memory.  I will also ask the KIDDOS to tell me WHO is holding the "TIME PERIOD" we are currently studying from?   

The Early Church

 So MANY possibilities!!!  Something so inexpensive ($4) has become something that we will find very VALUABLE!  

The Early Church
We Work Today

I love that this activity is "Self Checking."  The KIDDOS will quickly be able to tell if they are STACKING the incorrect one...because, it wont fit! 

I LOVE the BRIGHT COLORS!!!!  (I just may have to go back and get another one of these STACKING TOYS...I am thinking I may want to make a Tower of Babel Review Game.)    I'll let you know if I do....LOL

I LOVE the CONVENIENT way of STORING this!!!!  Just STACK it all together and store it away until the NEXT time!!  :-)

My encouragement to you....Always be thinking..."Can I use this in Bible Class?" Bible Class resources do not always start out as Bible Class resources...Just, keep an opened mind.  



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  1. Is there any way to get a copy of your labels? I just bought this exact toy today!