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Friday, August 10, 2012

The Divided Kingdom...Jeroboam WAS NAUGHTY

Who? What? When? Where? Why? & How?
 This Sunday we will be officially on to lesson two of the Divided Kingdom.  Since I am blessed to teach a lesson one week and then REVIEW the lesson the next week...each lesson last me two weeks.  This really is a blessing, as I am writing these lessons.  Sometimes, LIFE gets me going in about a 100 different directions...I am sure you ALL have been there!!!  

So, what is LESSON TWO about???  It is about Jeroboam the very NAUGHTY King.  We are going to be focusing on Jeroboam's wicked decision to place Altars at Dan and Bethel.  We are going to talk about IDOLS and what can become IDOLS in our life.  

God's Awesome Plan For Man--Time Line Card
I want the KIDDOS to understand the HISTORY in this LESSON. I want the KIDDOS to get the fact that Jeroboam had his own justification for erecting the altars---after all, he was worried about the people's allegiance.  (I want them to understand that we can NEVER JUSTIFY SIN.)  I want them to know that Jeroboam was sinning against GOD and leading the people of Israel into sin.  I want them to understand that GOD had promised Jeroboam that HE would be with him....AS LONG AS JEROBOAM did what GOD wanted...but, sadly, Jeroboam chose to be naughty.    There are so many life lessons found within the story of Jeroboam.  I am attempting to BRING those stories out as we Explore this lesson. 

Our Prophet Time Line.
We will be introducing 2 more prophets this week.  The YOUNG PROPHET~that was sent to Jeroboam to WARN him.  The OLD PROPHET~that convinced the Young Prophet to sin against GOD.  Again, there is so many LIFE altering lessons found in this story.  My main focus for the KIDDOS will be to NEVER listen to ANYONE trying to tell you it is OK NOT TO OBEY GOD!!! 

Our "WORD WALL."  We will be adding the word IDOL to our wall this week.  This is the "technical" definition.   I will also explain that ANYTHING we LOVE can become an IDOL. 

 The KIDDOS have 2 'NEW' geographical places to FIND on the map.  We will find DAN and BETHEL.  I  will try my best to explain Jeroboam's reasoning for placing the altars at Dan and Bethel.  I want to point out that these two places are a type of "book ends" to the Northern Nation of Israel.

Our Memory Verse this week will be Leviticus 19:4.    I will often use a portion of a verse as a memory verse for the KIDDOS.  I want them to GET the POINT of the verse...and since they are ranging in age from 4 1/2 to 7...I do not want to STRESS them out over a really LOOOOOOOONG memory verse.  BTW, If one of the KIDDOS does NOT have the memory verse memorized "WORD FOR WORD" but, they can tell me the meaning of the verse...that is JUST FINE BY ME!!!  I want them to UNDERSTAND why the verse is IMPORTANT!!!    We will be singing this Memory Verse to the tune of Frere Jacque.  That will help them get it memorized!    I normally inform the parents the "tune" we sing our memory verses too...that way they can SING/REVIEW  the Memory Verse during the week.  

Tune:  "If You're Happy and You Know It..."
We will have another NEW SONG this Sunday.  This song is sung to a familar tune...  If you know the song, "If You're Happy and You Know It..."  Well that is the tune I use for this SONG.  I know the KIDDOS will LOVE to sing this SONG.  I like the fact that this song explains in a nutshell what led the Nation of Israel into captivity.  

Our "TAKE HOME" activity will be a 'Paper Bible Pop Up.'  At least that is what I am calling it.  :)  This is constructed out of card stock paper.  The little holder is neon green card is folded like one of those "TABLE TENTS" you see on restaurant tables.  However, attached to it is a paper BIBLE.  The KIDDOS will color the BIBLE and then we will staple the Bible Pages to the edge of the NEON GREEN Table Tent.  That is what gives the Bible the 3D effect!  The KIDDOS will then GLUE their Ribbon Bible Bookmark down.... (I have the RIBBONS attached to the back of the activity....but, it will be up to the KIDDOS how they want to glue their Ribbon Down.   

 After typing ALL of that...I sort of felt CONFUSED...So, I decided to add a few more pictures to try and SHOW you better what I was failing at explaining.  :)

 I felt the Scripture Printed on the "TAKE HOME" activity was very applicable to the lesson....Jeroboam did not KEEP the COMMANDMENTS of GOD... BUT, WE WILL!!!

Our Review Game is one you have seen before....I do REUSE Ideas....Especially if the KIDDOS enjoyed it.  So, this is how we will "PLAY" this Review Game.  We will sing a song that goes along with the LESSON.  (The Kingdom Was Divided, A Prophet is A Messenger, or Jeroboam Was Naughty.)  However, I will say "STOP!" randomly throughout the song.  The KIDDOS will have to stand still in whatever HOOP they are in.  I then let them take turns rolling the die.  The KIDDO in the HOOP with the corresponding number that the DIE lands on will have to answer a question from the lesson.  I like this get the KIDDOS singing, moving, thinking, and excited!!!  An added BONUS---this can be "played" with SO MANY DIFFERENT STORIES!!!!  Invest/Make It ONCE--USE IT OVER AND OVER AND OVER again!!!!

Our Explorer Journal Activity is so much more simple in nature.  We will be adding DAN and BETHEL to our OWN MAP.  The KIDDOS will color their own MAP of the Divided Kingdoms...and then they will stick a 3D POP up ALTAR at DAN and BETHEL.    We will be doing this activity NEXT Sunday.  SO, by that time the KIDDOS will understand the importance behind this story.  

Hope you can tell how excited I am about teaching this lesson.  I will say, teaching the History of the Divided Kingdom to 4 1/2 -7 year olds is not without its challenges.  BUT it is so worth the effort!!!!  I am thrilled at how they are SOAKING in these stories.   




  1. I only wish you were going through the kingdoms more quickly. My class is ahead of yours now, so I can't steal ideas from you anymore :)
    We're about to cover Elijah and Ahab.

  2. We will be there next week...We have several lessons coming up on Elijah, Elisha and the various KINGS they interact with......I am looking forward to those lessons already!!! :)

  3. Hi! Is it possible to get the files for the different coloring pages you use? I'm not sure if there are links to them on the site somehow and I'm just not catching on, but that is a particularly great map of Judah and Israel. Your ideas are very helpful!