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Friday, June 8, 2012

Finding Visual Aids In UNIQUE Places,

I HAVE to share this with you.  I am an AVID Garage Sale Shopper!!!  It is one of MY favorite pastimes. 

During the Summer, my daughters and I go to Garage Sales every Friday Morning....If the weather permits!  You would be AMAZED at what we find...but, my FAVORITE part is getting to spend quality time with my girls.  We laugh---A LOT!!!  We talk about life--A LOT!!!!  And we have great fun helping each other find BARGAINS!!!  

I want to encourage you to go to Garage Sales or Thrift Stores with your mind on BIBLE CLASS!!  You will be SHOCKED at what you find!!  If you are LOOKING for VISUAL AIDES, CRAFT SUPPLIES, BINDERS, etc....TRY SHOPPING GARAGE SALES!!!  

For example, a few weeks ago--I bought Ten, One Inch, Red Binders in BRAND NEW CONDITION, for 25 cents a piece.  All, but one still had the Office Depot Label on them...Original price was $3.99 for ONE!!!  I was excited---to say the least.  I thought about writing a post then---about the Value of Shopping Garage Sales, but decided against it at the time....But, after what I found today, I decided I NEEDED to share with you this AMAZINGLY CHEAP or maybe I should say, ECONOMICAL, way of shopping for needed BIBLE CLASS items.  

Today was a BEAUTIFUL day here in Oklahoma.  My daughters and I were ready to hit the Garage Sales about 8:30 AM.  Not to early---but, not to late.  By 10:30, we had bought clothes, shoes, puppets (my daughter, Sarah is a music teacher, at one of the local schools, and she uses PUPPETS in her classroom.)  books, a few decorative items for my daughter's new house--but, I had NOT found my "FIND of the Day!"  (That is what I call my really special Garage Sale Purchase.)  But, then we happened upon this HUGE, very MESSY Garage Sale.  With a bit of apprehension (this sale was CROWDED!!), we decided to park the car and join in the fun...boy, did they have a TON of stuff.  We could have been there ALL day and not seen everything!!!  Well, we decided to divide and conquer...if we found something we thought one of us wanted we would find each other some how.  :)

As, I was looking a some games, my Daughter said, "Hey MOM, look at this."  I truly felt like I heard the BIRDS SINGING and FELT the SUN SHINING BRIGHTER---OK, probably NOT. But, I was so EXCITED!!!!!  I asked the lady, in charge of the sale, the price of the RAMS horn.  She said, "HOW about $5.00?"  I replied, "Would you take $4.50?"  She said, "SURE."  I was THRILLED!!!!  I had my "FIND of the DAY!"    

You see, back when I was teaching on Joshua/Jericho...I wanted a Rams Horn.  Could not find one!  Then when I was teaching on Gideon...I wanted a Rams Horn.  FOUND one at the Local Bible Bookstore..but, it was more than $75.00.  I could not justify paying that much for a Rams Horn that I wanted the KIDDOS to be able to TOUCH and attempt to PLAY.  So, I did not buy one.  

I know I am not currently teaching any lessons that would call for a  Rams Horn...But, when I need one I NOW HAVE ONE!!!!  :)

So, my encouragement to you is to give Garage Sales and Thrift Stores a try!  Keep BIBLE STORIES in your mind at all times.  Even if you are NOT teaching Bible Class, PLEASE think about those who are teaching and keep your eyes out for GREAT CHEAP,  I mean INEXPENSIVE Visuals.  I KNOW they will appreciate you doing so.  



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