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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

RECYCLED CD's Turned Books of The Bible Game/Activity "SCRAMBLED CD'S"

I LOVE finding a new use for TRASH!!!!   I am sure, if you are anything like me, that you have TONS of CD's laying around that have NO use.  Old computer games, CD's that have be mailed to you in junk mailers, CD's that did not burn right, etc.  It is AMAZING how fast my JUNK CD collection was growing.  :-)  

So, I began thinking, "What should I do with ALL these CD's?"  And, then in a "flash" it came to me.  Make them into a BOOKS OF THE BIBLE Review/Game/Activity.  

This was a fairly quick and easy activity.  I used CD labels, Clip art from my computer, and clip art from Phillip Martin.  (His Clip Art is Free!!!!  Go check his artwork out at his website,)    After printing the labels I applied them to the CD'S.  And, now I have a very FUN and USEFUL game to play with my Bible Class Students.  

I like the idea of scattering the CD'S all around the room and then having them pick them up in order.  Or do them in divisions of groups.  LAW, HISTORY, POETRY, MAJOR PROPHETS AND MINOR PROPHETS.  Having the kiddos place them on the spindle in the correct order!!!!  BTW, if you save the spindles (which I do) you have an all-in-one GAME/STORAGE!!!  Isn't this FUN!!!!!!  

Minor Prophets
Major Prophets

Now, I need to make the NEW TESTAMENT!!!!  I LOVE making things like this for BIBLE CLASS.  Useful, Economical, and FUN!!!




  1. I lOve love all your Ideas. I teach 6-8 year olds and would like to know how you make the explorer journals you keep mentioning.

  2. Our Explorer Journals are Binders with the clear protective sheets in them. Each Wednesday nights activity is placed inside the plastic protective sheets.....They are kept in the classroom until the end of the quarter....Then the children take them home....The parents have told me they are "TREASURES" to their families....I LOVE THAT...and now none of the crafts/activities end up in the floor board of the car. :-)

    I will repost a pic of the Explorer Journal so you can see them.

  3. How does one make the labels? What did you use?