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Friday, January 4, 2013

A BIG FISH Story. Jonah the Prophet

 I am so EXCITED about this LESSON.  I know the KIDDOS will LOVE this one!!!!   It is a WONDERFUL story and teaches the KIDDOS so many attributes of GOD.  HE is ALL KNOWING.  HE is ALL POWERFUL.  HE is ALWAYS PRESENT!    GOD is TRULY AMAZING!!!!  This is a GREAT story to TEACH the WONDERFUL NATURE of GOD!  It is also an opportunity to TEACH about OBEDIENCE, RESPONSIBILITIES and the NEED NOT to be PREJUDICE and REPENTANCE.   


Each KIDDO will be allowed to get into the "WHALE" and we will TAKE their PICTURE! 
I am thinking the PICS might be fun for the KIDDOS to give their MOMS for Mother's Day in MAY!! 

This was super EASY to MAKE!!!  I used a KID size Pop Up PLAY TENT.  I draped it with a KING SIZE blue sheet (blue sheets are WONDERFUL to keep in your supply room!!)  added the eyes (made the eyes out of felt and attached them with DUCT tape) and gathered the back to look like a tail.  WALLA!!!!  Easy Peasy WHALE!!!

I want to make sure the KIDDOS understand what it means to REPENT.  So, we will be adding the word "REPENT" to our WORD WALL!

We have added JONAH to our "GOD'S AWESOME PLAN for MAN" wall.  This wall is a type of TIME LINE.  It allows the opportunity for the KIDDOS to SEE the BIBLE stories that we have already learned.  It is a wonderful REVIEW TOOL. 

The KIDDOS memory verses for this lesson is  2 Corinthians 7:10.  I thought it was appropriate for this lesson.  I want the KIDDOS to understand what TRUE REPENTANCE means to GOD.  We will sing this to a "Ronda Original" tune.  

This week we will be adding several NEW places to our MAP WALL.  NOW, if you look closely you will NOTICE I somehow did NOT include a NINEVEH in this PICTURE.  BUT, never fear, once I realized my GOOF...I took one more picture.   BTW, if you notice I put our PAST LESSONS, EXPLORER JOURNAL ACTIVITY, up around the MAP.  This is a GREAT WAY to quickly REVIEW!  our PAST LESSONS.  It HELPS me REMIND the KIDDOS of these LESSONS!  
IT also lets PARENTS "PEEK" in and SEE some of the activities the KIDDOS have been doing on the weeks when the KIDDOS do NOT take home their ACTIVITY.  Remember, I COLLECT all the "EXPLORER JOURNAL" ACTIVITIES and place them in their "EXPLORER JOURNALS."  The KIDDOS take those JOURNALS home at the END of a QUARTER.    

The KIDDOS "TAKE HOME" Activity this week begins with a SMALL "milk" jug. These jugs actually came with FRUIT PUNCH in them.   I have collected these for a LOOONG time.  The are such a SWEET size and will work perfectly for the KIDDOS.  However, I have made these before with the GALLON size!!  Those are fun too!!!  But, I had these little finger puppets from ORIENTAL TRADING and the GALLON one would have been HUGE in comparison.  

I spray painted them gray.  I then made a "TAIL" out of GRAY foam and hot glued it to the CAP.  During CLASS the KIDDOS will ADD the eyes.  (To expedite this, I have stuck Double Stick FOAM dots to the back of the eyes.  That way it is a PEEL and STICK activity!)  

NOW, about those LITTLE JONAHS.  I had ordered a BUNCH of sets of Nativity Finger Puppets from Oriental Trading...I KNOW these are supposed to be "JOSEPH"  but, for me they are JONAH!!!  So, this is what I did.   I  POKED a small hole in the top of the heads of each of these "JONAHS" and threaded a cord through them and tied it off.   KEEP READING and you will understand WHY!!!  :-)

I have a small hole in the Whale's (GREAT FISH) mouth.  I threaded the other end of the thread through that hole.  That way the KIDDOS get to CATCH Jonah with their GREAT FISH (Whale.) 

I think he is so cute sitting in there!!!


I KNOW the KIDDOS are going to LOVE catching JONAH!!!!  We will sing a song as we CATCH JONAH.     If you want to SEE me CATCH JONAH---watch the short video right here.  :-)

This is the SONG we will be singing as we CATCH Jonah with our GREAT FISH (WHALE.) 


GOD'S Prophets have been busy!  We have learned a LOT of LIFE lessons through these Prophets.  I LOVE placing the PROPHETS with the KINGS that were REIGNING during the time the PROPHET PROPHESIED.    I want the KIDDOS to see the CONTINUITY of the BIBLE.  Even though we are leaning from the book of Jonah...I want the KIDDOS to know that Jonah was PROPHESYING during the time/life of Jeroboam II

Our REVIEW GAME this week is called "Jonah Is Overboard."  I have had this little "BIBLE TIME" man for a REALLY LONG TIME.  I think he came from a VELCRO SET...but, I got him FREE at a YARDSALE!!!  His clothes are very spongy and the ROUGH side of VELCRO STICKS to him really well.  So, that got me to thinking....I wanted a TOSS JONAH type activity.

The KIDDOS will answer a question for an opportunity to TOSS Jonah at the BOARD...and when he STICKS they have to answer another question!!! 

Next week we will REVIEW this LESSON!!!  The KIDDOS will SAY their MEMORY VERSE and they will make their "EXPLORER JOURNAL" Activity.    I wanted the KIDDOS to have a WHALE (GREAT FISH) that they could POKE JONAH in and out from.  So, this is what I came up with....Jonah is actually on a brad---I colored the brad GRAY with a Sharpie---after all, I could not stand a GOLD brad on my GRAY Whale.  

 Jonah actually ROCKS in and OUT of the WHALE.  I am really happy with the way this turned out....HOWEVER, I may add a "handle" that the KIDDOS can grab so that it is easier to move Jonah in and out.    If I deem it is necessary, I will take another picture and SHARE it with you.  




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  2. The children in your class are blessed. Thanks for investing in eternity. Thank you for sharing the great ideas!

  3. Hi Ronda! Do you have a video of the song or what is the tune to?