Sunday, March 18, 2012

David Crowned King

I was THRILLED with the way Bible Class went Sunday Morning.  Our lesson was about David being CROWNED King.    We reviewed the FACTS about the life of David.  We talked about the fact that Saul had attempted to kill him.  We talked about how David respected Saul and did not kill him even when he had the opportunity.  We talked about David being crowned King in Hebron.  We covered his conquering Jerusalem and bringing the Ark of  The Covenant to the city.  We discussed David's desire to build GOD a temple...and how GOD told him his son Solomon would be the one to build the Temple for HIM.    The class went really well.  I just wish I had about 30 more mins....I am always pushing to get everything done!  :)

I used the "WORD WALL" words to introduce the lesson.  I asked the kiddos if they knew how all these words were related.  Of course they knew right away that we were going to be talking about a NEW KING.  And since they knew David was Anointed King....I was not surprised when they told me they all were related to KING DAVID!!    They love being SOOOOO SMART and IMPRESSING me! 

These are our Who? What? When? Where? Why? and How? cards.  Needless to say, the Kiddos could answer all those questions by the end of class time.  However, I did have one little girl that made me giggle.  Every time I asked, "Where did they crown David as King?"  She would respond, "In Hebrews."  I would gently remind here...."HEBRON."  To which she replied, "Hebrews is easier for me to say, Ms. Ronda."    These kiddos make me smile. 

Our craft/activity was an easy and effective one....Each KIDDO made a crown!!!!  THEY LOVED the JEWELS!!!!  Evey single one of my kiddos left class with their crown on their head!!!  I LOVE it when they are super excited about their Take Home Activity.  These were easy to make...I bought the gold crowns a LOOOOOOOOOOONG time ago.  I knew we would be making crowns when we go to the lessons on the Kings.....And, since David was such a special King, I thought it would be great to have a crown to remember the King who was a "Man after GOD'S own heart."  I took plastic leis and clipped them apart.  Then glued them to the bottom of the crowns....The kiddos then added all the "JEWELS" during class.  I LOVE how they turned out....and seeing the kiddos with them on their heads was just PRECIOUS!!!

Our Memory Verse for the week is 1 Timothy 6:14-15.  We sing this one to the tune of "Three Blind Mice."  Since I pointed out during our HOW? question card...that the story of David is important because JESUS our KING would come through David's family...I thought this would be a PERFECT Memory Verse.  Of course, I explained to the children how this verse "FIT" our lesson.  I have one Kiddo that ALWAYS asks me..."What does this Memory Verse have to do with our lesson?"  He really keeps me on my toes.  

Our review game was a HIT!!!  They were so excited about this game.  It was fun to put together....except when I had finished putting it together my son accidentally broke EVERY PLASTIC CROWN that I had used to make this game.  (I wanted to cry.)  But, refusing to give up, I decided to try again.  And when I was done....I LOVED MY SECOND version SOOOOO much more than my first.  And, those broken crowns wont go to waste.  I will show you what I did with them in a few mins.  :)

The object of this game was for the kiddos to toss a "ball" into the crown and answer the question inside.    Because, I did not want these crowns broken I decided to use those BATH SCRUBBIES.  I bought them at the Dollar Tree....they were 5 for a $1.00.  Can't beat that for cheap and very light "BALLS"  that could be tossed and would not break my crowns!!!

BTW, these crowns were made by gluing 2 TIARAS together.  I bought these Tiaras from Target.  I found them in the DOLLAR section...and they were only a $1.00 each!!  They are very sturdy and when glued together to form a crown....well, I think they are perfect!!!  And, $2.00 per crown was a whole lot cheaper than those crowns they sell at the Card and Party Shop.  :)

Here are a few extra pics of these crowns...I really do love how they turned out....And, I will get a LOT of use out of these as we study through the Kings and then when we study Esther!  I LOVE making it once (or in this case twice) and using it for several different lessons!!! 

Now, I am sure your are wondering what I did with all those broken crowns....You know the statement, "When life gives you lemons....Make Lemonade!!!" Well, this is what I did.  You see, I had originally planned for the Kiddos to glue on a FOAM crown to their Explorer Journal project next Sunday... BUT, when I saw all those broken pieces I just could not bring myself to throw them, I decided to make small 3D crowns for the Kiddos to glue to their picture of King David.  Who knew that sparkly pipe-cleaner and a ton of plastic, broken crowns could be soo cute.  

The kiddos will be doing their Explorer Journal Activity NEXT Sunday... I KNOW they will love gluing there "REAL" crowns on David....They are SOOOOO much better than one of those FOAMY CROWN STICKERS!!!  

They best part of turning those broken pieces into something useful....MY SON felt soooo bad that he had broke my game.....and when I showed him what I had done with all those broken pieces....Well, his SMILE said it all.  One of my mottoes for my own children is,  "Sometimes MISTAKES happen....Now, what are you gonna do about it?" 



David crowned KING. 

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  1. Thanks Ronda! You are giving me great ideas for my future Bible study on King David! Theresa